Aaron Mobberley Commitment EP Review

Aaron Mobberley has forced himself to the forefront of local talent in Stoke-on-Trent with his solo E.P ‘Commitment. The Clockwork Owls bass player and lead singer pushed aside the post punk sounds of the Owls to produce a wonderful collection of folk classics.

‘Crayons’ is at once a catchy tune with a sweet, memorable melody. Aaron seamlessly intertwines his soft vocals and guitar playing, a talent that is somewhat rare within local music of Stoke-on-Trent. Along with an intelligent placement of perfect harmonies, ‘Crayons’ also sneaks in a bass kick at just the right time to enhance the emotion of the song, at the outro of which you just want to carry on listening.

The beauty of ‘My Skin’ lies within its harmonies. Many bands and artists forget or neglect to see the importance of harmonies, yet Aaron Mobberley not only creates a perfect blend of harmonies, but he also uses them wisely, putting them in the right places and still not over doing it.

Title track ‘Commitment’ is again seamless throughout, as you come to expect from natural folk singer Aaron Mobberley. Backing drums are used with great effect, and at some points Aaron hits vocal notes which may be hard for even the influential Marcus Mumford to find. The eerie guitar opening somehow finds itself something you can relate to, instantly drawing you in to the song, and the lyrics further enhance this power that Aaron seems to hold over you through his music.

‘She Knows Why’ and ‘Spare Room’ take Aaron Mobberley’s writing maturity to another level completely, the instant poetry of ‘She Knows Why’ capturing your mind with the sorrowful beauty of the opening, with the softness of the harmonica adding to the sadness of the song, leaving you with a piece of music you feel you can relate to on a personal level. A similar feeling is brought upon you yet again in ‘Spare Room’, where a desperate sense of loss is so beautifully written, with lyrics such as “the spare room was never spare when you were there” leaving you with a sense of intimacy between yourself and Aaron.

The deft inclusion of an electric guitar brings a whole new emotion to the table in finale track ‘Looking For’, with that and the powerful harmonies and well structured drum work working so professionally well together, you can’t help but wonder why Aaron is still playing pub gigs in Stoke-on-Trent and not support slots with the likes of folk stars Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling.

Brilliantly produced by Sam Bloor, along with his and James Tildesley’s musical assistance, Aaron Mobberley has proved himself to be a song writing talent Stoke-on-Trent can be extremely proud about with his EP ‘Commitment’.


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