Elly Kingdon’s Bus Pass E.P Reviewed

‘Bus Pass’ is the astonishingly fresh new E.P from singer songwriter Elly Kingdon, and recorded in one day and mixed the very next day, you might be forgiven for assuming this E.P would be full of flaws. You might be forgiven for assuming that, but you’d be very wrong.

Elly sings beautifully about love and life in the modern day city with a quirky and unique style which is gloriously on show throughout the five track E.P. Title track ‘Bus Pass’ is certainly the icing on the cake, with Elly’s attention to detail for Stoke-on-Trent life, along with her quirkiness, making ‘Bus Pass’ a song you’ll want to hear again and again, just to make you bounce down the street you usually mope down. And after all, forty five through the month is a really good deal, when you think about it.

Opening song ‘Listen To Your Songs’ has an undeniable hint of cynicism in the lyrics, though the musical happiness of Elly’s baritone ukulele  leaves you unable to stop yourself from smiling whilst listening to Elly’s song. ‘When I Wake Up’ is a love story with a sparkling twist of sorrow, whilst ‘Really Happy’ is an open and honest account of a broken heart, a song you can relate to on such a level that you actually feel you are involved in it, so bold and true are the lyrics.

Elly seem to possess the quirky style and catchy voice of Kate Nash, twinned with Adele’s ability to make you feel like the songs have been written as a soundtrack to your life. “One day I’ll be someone’s favourite pass time, yeah I’ll be someone’s favourite long walk home.” These lyrics, from finale track ‘Your Favourite Long Walk Home’, sum up in one sentence modern day romance, and the maturity and intimacy of this song, along with the upbeat style of the rest of the EP, proves that Elly Kingdon and her baritone ukulele is a musical partnership with great potential.


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