Review of EP from The Hiding Place

From the opening beats of first song ‘Snaketown’, you become immediately aware of the musical quality in store for you on this EP from The Hiding Place. Before Singer Dominic Webber even brings his talent to the table, it’s clear ‘Snaketown’ has the potential to be a classic rock anthem. With seamless harmonies running throughout the song, The Hiding Place literally hit all the right notes with this EP opener.

It seems clear a great partnership has been struck between drummer Joe Barber and bassist Rich Lockett, with their flare and tightness of sound and rhythm forming the perfect foundation for the fierce yet harmonic guitar work of Jonny Wood and Oliver Fencott.

‘Popular Myths’ is an instant classic. Need more be said for this song? From the opening bar, a healthy, refreshing calm is carried though to the chorus, where the built up power and energy is released in an explosion of unique guitars, powerful vocals and hard hitting drums.

Popular Myths‘ is a track which has that ability to stick in your head for the rest of the day, perhaps this addictive quality in the song is the reason it held the number one spot on Radical’s Rising’s Hype Chart for three straight weeks.

The prowess of Dominic Webber’s vocals are prominent on this EP from The Hiding Place, with a fierce emotion coming through in every word he sings. His rare ability is on show throughout the EP, but it is on third and final track ‘Pay No Attention (To The Man Behind The Counter)’ where he seems to effortlessly take his vocal talent to a new level. The song is crammed with vocal and harmonic talent, fused brilliantly with a blend of tight, fast paced guitar work and a gentle, perfectly timed breakdown.

With helping hands of Daniel Hodgkinson and Ben Forrester on guitars and added backing vocals from Kirsty Dring, Taggie Pringle and Kirsty Sartain, The Hiding Place are concreted firmly at the forefront of the local rock scene in Stoke-on-Trent, a scene currently bursting with talent.


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