Sound Casino Re-Launch Gig 6.4.2012

Substance and Sound Casino, Fat Cats 06.04.2012


The crowd was in full bloom for the re-launch of Sound Casino, with Fat Cat’s Cafe Bar the venue of choice for the reformed band’s first gig as a new line-up clearly eagerly anticipated. Support band Substance got the music underway with their sweet blend of rock blues anthems. Though the crowd were still gathering as Substance took to the stage, they let rip with powerful guitar riffs and tight drum patterns and entertained their audience. Singer Andy seemed a little anxious before the bands’ set, admitting that Substance had found it hard to find enough time to perfect their set, though this had not seemed apparent during the gig but for the very rare occasion only. The band were quite seamless throughout their cleverly worked out set list, and though the set itself did lack new material, the songs they produced were to a high standard. Certainly one major factor in the lack of fresh material is the current financial climate, which rest assured, once the band becomes able to ease up from tough working commitments, amazing and new songs are without doubt soon to join the already addictive sound of Substance. Though Andy at times seemed to edge towards  showing off his front man potential, stage presence for the band as a whole is perhaps in need of a little homework, however, but then again with a full crowd the performance elements of Substance would most likely flow much more freely and naturally.

Sound Casino strolled onto the stage with an air of confidence and excitement, fully clad in the odd pair of converse and leather jacket, and even Sound Casino balloons at either side of the stage, very flamboyant. The boys immediately ripped into their well groomed set, with front man Sweeney not yet harvesting his acoustic guitar. Bass player Chris roused the crowd into moving closer to the stage before the band had even started, which at once gave a sense of intimacy to the gig. Sound Casino ripped pieces out of their older songs, carving a new freshness to songs such as their opening tune Wasp, and they also brought to the table new material to show off the fact that this new look band mean business. They seemed to flow through their set with ease, and dropping in a few cover songs such as ‘Ever Fallen In Love With Someone’ going down well with the crowd. During one song, guitarist Elvis found himself a seat on the edge of the stage, causing a dramatically intimate atmosphere for the song, and highlighting the bands confidence to impress. And impress they did. Sound Casino have had a revamp and are quite clearly hitting the music scene on the rampage in 2012. And with a good bit of loyal management behind them, Sound Casino have the potential to cause some ripples, or rather waves, on the ocean of music in Stoke-on-Trent. Looks like Sound Casino have hit the jackpot. Time to cash in.


One thought on “Sound Casino Re-Launch Gig 6.4.2012

  1. AWESOME to hear that real talent is starting to shine through in ode S-O-T. I mean after Robbie, there hasnt been anyone to shine through for the home of the Oatcake. Keep us posted mate.

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