3’s a Riot @ The Underground | 20th April

A healthy collection of Stoke’s local music devotees came together on the 20th of April to witness a line up local acts down at The Underground. Toward the end of first band on the night The Haze’s set chants of ‘3’s a riot’ could be heard filtering in from the smoking area outside at which point it was clear who the majority of the crowd where there to see.

And so it begins, possibly the most anticipated band of the night Stoke-on-Trents 3’s a Riot take to the stage to raptures of whooping and a hollering. By now the swathes of fiercely loyal 3’s a rioters had engulfed the floor while the four piece, who like every other band, had not been able to soundcheck made their final changes to their monitor volumes. Kicking off with an instrumental to get their levels right you’d think wouldn’t ignite the riot their name suggests but you would be someone who has not yet been to a 3’s a Riot gig. Barely a bar had gone by when the crowd got their own vocal chords in gear kicking off the chanting. A quarter of the way through the first song the moshing begins. Ale goes flying, girls are toppled over and Dan Aydon’s dad arguably their most fanatical fan gets deep in the pit, lapping up the testosterone filled atmosphere. Sensing things are getting wild they slow things down with ‘The Wanted Man’. Tomasso’s voice reminiscent of Meighan slash Gallagher seems to connect with the fans as he flows through the chorus. Stirring some thing in the audience they join Tomasso in belting out tune after tune. By now the people on the fringes are rocking back and forth on their toes to the infectious swagger the band reverberates. A song to end any set ‘Not Going Home Tonight’ signals the end of the 3’s a Riot show. Grinding and purposeful riffs filling the room act as a rallying cry, inviting the masses to get involved. The invitation is welcomed and the crowd ‘go absolutely fucking mental’ as Tomasso asked prior. The song crescendos and the crowd ask for more. The bands deeply ingrained philosophy of making sure the fans are happy implores them to play a cover of Pigeon Detectives. They finish their set, the moshers untangle checking their pockets to see if they’ve lost anything and head the bar for much needed refreshments.

Energetic and engaging, the band are next out in Stoke on the 26th of May headlining The Sugarmill. The band are doing that thing that many other bands are guilty of not doing, getting out of the city. They’re playing the world famous Cavern Club next month too, taking a coach load of the fanaticals down with them as well as me.

3′ A Riot Facebook 3‘s A Riot Reverbnation 3’s A Riot Soundcloud

Radicals Rising @RadicalsRising


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