‘Scrapbook’ from Lost Kause

Scrapbook, the album from EJ Lycett’s Lost Kause band, opens with ‘Wake Up Dead’, a song with the type of fun drum beats and guitar strumming with pop punk similarities to Blink 182, which is certainly no bad thing. The song progresses with a fast tempo until reaching am inticing breakdown which instantly brings the song added dynamics and effect, before the telephone is answered and the chorus blasts back in with perfect timing.

‘When We Were Young’ is a sentimental song in its lyrics, full of nostalgia which can be related to by anyone who listens to it, but the sense of nostalgia somehow flows through the music also, heightening that feeling you are given whenever the thought of a loved one from the past creeps into your mind. EJ Lycett has taken her poetry and transformed them in songs seemingly without effort, with ‘Salt and Pepper’ having a chorus so happy, witty and simply catchy that it becomes one of those songs that sticks in your head for days after hearing. It contains great backing vocals alomg with tongue in cheek lyrics such as “he tries to be gay but I think it’s all pretend, Salt and Pepper he’s my best friend.” Priceless.

EJ seems to possess the gift of being able to create melodies that are really memorable and interesting, ‘All This Time’ being a perfect example of this, although it has to be said that on occasion, the songs of Lost Kause would benefit even more so if EJ held back less on the angry passion that must be lurking somewhere within, and allow herself to really let go on the microphone and experiment with the clear talent that she already has. This talent is on show in ‘Set Me Free’, a song lending its chorus from the Supremes’ hit, which is cushioned intelligently between a brilliant spoken word poem which sums up perfectly a lesson everyone has at some point learnt.

A very emotional song stuck half way through the album, ‘Rockerbye Baby’ is like a lullaby for grown ups in the real world. The song is beautifully arranged with a hauntingly beautiful piano structure and harrowing story. Stories seem to be quite a speciality for EJ; ‘Hanging Around My Room’ showing this with ease, just as does ‘Breaking Up’, which also reinforces the musical ability of the band.

‘Mix up’s and Misbelieving’ is another song with hints of Blink returning, while ‘Frustrated’ and ‘Public Property’ reiterate the point of EJ Lycett’s ability to pen lyrics anyone can relate to in some way, and these two songs give an ending to an album rich intelligently written lyrics and catchy music which Lost Kause will hopefully be following up soon with more material.

For info on Lost Kause, go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lost-Kause/263683341195


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