Review of EP from Nicola Jayne Chirnside- ‘Nicola Jayne’

Exciting yet ambient EP from Nicci Chirnside opens with ‘I Won’t’, a track that instantly proves Nicci as a unique artist, and seeing as Nicola Jayne is a solo artist from Stoke-on-Trent, she is certainly someone we should be proud of in the local music scene. Filled with quirky guitar riffs and with at times sorrowful lyrics behind a secure guitar arrangement, ‘I Won’t’ is a strong opening track, though does, however at times run close to falling into a repetitive song. What the song does do is show how unique the voice of Nicola Jayne is. Nicci has clearly worked hard on her singing voice for many years and is now hitting a finely polished sound, becoming an artist with the kind of voice you instantly recognise.

As Nicola wails beautifully “You’re so perfect, you’re so perfect, yes you are”, you are given an intimate insight into Nicola’s emotional lyric, this being enforced when she later sings “I deserve it, I deserve it, yes I do.” These lyrics could be taken with multiple meanings, and though they seem to be simple lyrics, it is often those that are the most complicated to actually understand. ‘Little Hands’ isn’t just lyrics, though. It slips cunningly into a stunning breakdown, a part of Nicci’s imaginative and creative side which should really be let loose on her already well-polished songs.

“It’s easy to forget the worlds revolving, not around you, not around you” are again lyrics deep in meaning, and are also lyrics that are perhaps more mature than Nicci’s years might suggest, but the singer/songwriter clearly has her heart in the right place, with ‘For The Love Of God No’ portraying through her honest lyrics both Nicci’s humble persona and also her sorrow perhaps at the current state of the world and certain people in it.

Certainly deserving a mention here is Venombase Studios, who not only recorded, but also produced, mixed and mastered the ambient collection from Nicola Jayne, who pulls out her harmonica for fourth track ‘You Got It Goin’ On’, a song with a nice, up-beat tempo with enjoyable harmonica play. One minor problem with having the harmonica on this track is that it brings about the thought that the first three tracks could benefit possibly from having similar such additions in order to bring added depth and substance.

Nicola Jayne is a very promising young talent in Stoke-on-Trent, with this EP showing that though there are one or two gaps (which will easily be filled with a little experience) Nicci is full of potential as a solo artist who brings such mature qualities to her work, as final track ‘Bird In A Cage’ greatly shows. Sorrowful and soft throughout, ‘Bird In A Cage’ is not a song that should be listened to alone in a darkened room, such is the power of the emotion laced within. And when an artist can write a song with such power in the lyrics, you know you’re getting close to a potential goldmine of talent.

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Lee Barber, Radical’s Rising


One thought on “Review of EP from Nicola Jayne Chirnside- ‘Nicola Jayne’

  1. Awesome review! This woman has got amazing talent that should be harnessed for life. She should be recognised by all the women in Stoke On Trent who have shyed away from performing themselves. After this review, Nicci should continue as an ambassador for women!!!!! NICCI FOR MAYOR!!!!

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