Translucid @ The Sugarmill, 28.04.2102

New friends and old faces of one of the great local psychedelic rock Stoke bands, Translucid gathered on 28th April to witness the boys headline The Sugarmill.

The minute York quartet The Likely Lads ended their show, the majority of the audience downed their drinks and congregated together at the front. Proud parents of the band had a front row view; the lead singer was given a good luck kiss from his mum.  Screams from every age echoed the Sugarmill as Dan began to shake his tambourine for the first song and shouts “f***ing bring it”, and so the audience get more hyped up and start shouting the memorable lyrics.
Dan being the front man certainly gave an outstanding performance. He pulled the microphone off the stand as he had heaps of energy and enjoyed dancing around the stage like Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips; he got to the audiences level which showed he loved the wild crowd. Third song ‘See the Light’ started to play; Dan holding a bottle of Carlsberg demanded everyone to “get your dancing shoes on”. Beer was thrown and the jumping and crushing began.
Half way through the gig Translucid slowed it down with ‘The Mind is a Temple.’ The crushing turned into swaying but soon after the band jumped into a new song for both new and old listeners. This was a great performance to watch as there was competition between the guitarist and the bassist- it gave the audience something to watch rather than just listening.
‘Blow Out’, one of the wildest songs played, saw Dan jumping on and off amps and Joe’s manic afro hair head banging away. One of the parents turned to me while playing imaginary air guitar “they are f***ing brilliant”- perhaps one of their biggest fans. The guitar solo was immense all eyes were on Steve Pye and his talented guitar strumming. I loved how Dan appreciated Steve and Ben by giving them the floor while they played their solos, it’s not often you see bands like that. I respect you Dan Watkin.
Last song of the night ‘These Friends of Mine’, you could tell the audience were worn-out but this didn’t put Translucid off they were still rocking the hell out of Sugarmill. The last words from Translucid were ‘keep calm and listen to Translucid”.

Wanting to see more psychedelic madness?

Lucee Clarke, Radical’s Rising


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