Dead Sons | Faux Feet | Wildfires @ The Sugarmill 18.05.12

Local Stoke bands Wildfires and Faux Feet support Sheffield indie five-piece Dead Sons.

First up tonight are Wildfires, but there’s nothing wild or fiery about this unsigned four-piece. For the first half of their set the vocalist avoids looking at the crowd and makes very little effort to talk to them and encourage them to get involved. The crowd, which the majority of is made up of teens are more interested in talking to their friends, messing around pushing and shoving each other and spilling drinks all for a bit of fun. Once the band’s mates turn up at the front the vocalist chats to them during their breaks between songs. They don’t seem to be taking this seriously enough. The vocals themselves are rather dull and there’s a few catchy guitar hooks here and there but overall the band has a very generic indie sound which has been heard many times before.

Up next are another local support alt-indie four-piece Faux Feet, who straight off are much more interesting and immediately grab the attention of the audience. The most striking thing about this band is vocalist Sian Matthews whose vocals are beautiful and her lyrics are sung with utmost passion with her eyes closed and lots of hand movements. After a couple of songs vocalist Sian Matthews asks the crowd if their set is any good and their changeover between songs is a bit messy and should be more fluid, suggesting that Faux Feet need to tighten up their live performances and believe in themselves more. I have high hopes for this band, they have a great potential to be successful. I’d be very surprised if they stayed unsigned for long. Faux Feet are currently recording for their first E.P. which should be very promising if their live performances are anything to go by.

Tonight’s headliners are indie five-piece Dead Sons but as they take to the stage the room appears emptier than before. This reminds me of what happened when the band Francesqa played here back in September and people left after they watched the support bands. Dead Sons are an incredibly noisy band with extra drum power which at times makes it difficult to hear the vocals of Thomas Rowley. Their music strikes instant similarities with indie giants the Arctic Monkeys, who like Dead Sons, are also from Sheffield. This band are bringing something more interesting and different to the indie genre and don’t have that typical indie sound that so many bands of the genre have. Dead Sons have an extra oomph to their music provided by percussionist Mathew Byrne who plays extra drums, maracas and guitar during their set.  At one point during their set vocalist Rowley and guitarist Luke Baker swap positions on stage so that Baker can play the keyboard. Their songs are fast-paced and all have boisterous instrumentals that get the crowd jumping and bopping their heads along. The gig draws to a close and they play their final song. This band leave behind a striking onstage performance that the crowd won’t forget in a hurry.

Becky Davis, Radical’s Rising


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