Moral Panics EP Launch Gig @ The Sugarmill 28.07.2012 by Lucee Clarke

  Original band Moral Panics headlined the Sugarmill the day their three tracked EP ‘Voids’ was
released with great support from impressive performers Staghouse, alternative indie band The Club
Of Rome and new member to the Stoke music scene Jet Set Cadet.

   To kick the night off was Jet Set Cadet. They started the night by giving the Sugarmill a real rock and
roll feel. It created a real buzzing atmosphere as their amps sounded like they were on full blast
showing their full potential to becoming a successful indie rock band that people will remember and
enjoy. It was a great set they put together as each song flowed into each other with no awkward
breaks. They played all four tracks from their debut EP ‘Ready for Takeoff’ which the audience
seemed to love. They all have a different likeable melody with memorable lyrics that Lee’s vocals
suited without a glitch.

   Taking to the stage dressed all in black was The Club of Rome that kicked straight into ‘Lazy Girl’ it
was like they reproduce 1996 again by sounding alot like The Coral. Their most popular song ‘Same
Old Trouble’ got the crowd toe tapping or head banging away and gave a little psychedelic feel to
them. ‘The Night’ saw the use of soft backing vocals from Chris added to the powerful main vocals of
Phil. They ended their impressive set with a banging sound and a roar of applauds. This was their last
gig until the autumn and we look forward to hearing what they are going to been produced in that

   On facebook before the gig they said “allow Staghouse to violate your eyes” they can definitely
tick this off their list. They were drowning the Sugarmill and its crowd with their fierce sound. Trendy
alternative funk rock from the off, Staghouse opened with ‘Pulse’. The eerie electric guitar and the
lyrics ‘I’m gonna take you down down’ was repeated throughout it gave a British Sea Power feel.
All five members of the groups put on an active performance. Adam the lead singer got the mic of
the stand and bounced around stage playing air guitar whilst performing ‘Four Walls’. The speed in
Adam vocals varied which got the audience more enthusiastic, the band astounded the audience
when they built up to the massive scream Adam did. They played two covers which they put their
own unique twist on, ‘These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ originally written by Lee Hazlewood and
Nancy Sinatra recorded it and Johnny Cash’s version of ‘Personal Jesus’. The completed there set
with a song wrote only 24 hours ago it doesn’t have a name yet so it’s ‘New Song’. It was longer than
their previous tracks and different to their normal rock sound that they create.

   All though it wasn’t a total sell out gig the crowd Moral Panics had was the busiest crowd of the
night. As they entered with ‘Internet Friends’ by Knife Party, it got the crowd and band raving and
buzzing for the next 40 minutes. To grab everyone’s attention they started with a talented
instrumental that led into ‘Hurricane’. The energy of the band was electric and it soon brushed off
into the crowd. Moral Panics have a new member Tom and he was playing the keys. In ‘Breathe’ a
new track, the keys and Eden’s drum beat suited perfectly together. What’s great about this band is
they can pull a huge loud track off but can slow it down and still pull it off. They did their cover
of ‘Starry Eyed’ which they as I found out absolutely love, along with their general love for Ellie Goulding, so it’s
a suitable song for them to perform.

   We see old guitarist Ben joining in ‘Electric Eden’ for three
tracks. ‘Electric Eden’ is known as their most chilled out song. The backing vocals from Charlie add
another layer and it all comes together without fault. It was noticeable that ‘Move My Feet’ was
the audience’s favourite as most of the audience knew the lyrics and bounced along to the catchy
melody. The build up in ‘Voids’ was incredible. The powerful vocals of Dan and the extra vocals from Charlie were awesome. The ending of this track added humour within their set, Dan has a solo and Eden, Charlie and Tom sat on camp chairs looking bored; great way to entertain the crowd even more. They end the set with ‘Hold Forever’ their newest track. It begins with a march like drum beat and again has Charlie’s backing vocals singing along with Dan to the story telling lyrics. The slowdown half way through with the lyrics “never hold” repeated created a massive impact as it forms anticipation that the track will end then it gradually builds back up again. Awesome way to end a night full of talent.


Sherry Counsellors @ The Sugarmill 14.07.2012

Suited and booted Sherry Counsellors headlined The Sugarmill – their favourite venue – with You Tube stars The Carpet Lions, rock’n’roll quartet Kadence and new, young indie influenced, The Motives.

Starting the night with a laugh at their first gig was The Carpet Lions. It’s not singing as such it’s rapping, talking really fast whatever you want to call it. Each song was like story time, there was ‘The Ginger Song’ – about hating gingers, ‘Online Dating’ – about meeting a girl who’s really a man and ‘Give It a Go’ – about going on a date with them. There was what they call him, Lobster who plays the keyboard and Mr Guitar who plays the guitar; they played catchy melody that fitted in with the catchy song titles and lyrics. Most of the audience had their cameras and phones out recording this bizarre performance. It was a real strange experience watching and listening to them.

Kadence, with influences from the greatest bands and artists ever to grace the music industry took to the stage. The crowd increased and a couple in particular who was someone’s mother, “That’s my son” she said, biggest fan right there. ‘Sharing the Feeling’ was where the energy started and didn’t stop until all CD’s were thrown in the audience. There was somewhat a Rolling Stones atmosphere created throughout this track. Thinking they was doing a cover -‘My Generation’ by The Who then halfway through the song it turns out it was ‘You Don’t Know Me’ hints a massive influence for them with Ricky Cuthbertson’s unique vocals. It was amazing to watch as Greg Butler stood and dramatically ending each song with the smashing of the drums. Ricky says “taking you back to 1941 now” there was a hint of The Beatles coming out of them in this track. James on bass, Jak on guitar and Ricky on rhythm guitar were all going for it; jumping on amps and bouncing around the stage. Kadence have an EP ‘Live from the living room’ shortly and ‘On the run’ will be the main song. Good choice for a main song – which is also currently sat at number five in the Radical’s Rising Hype Chart – with the thrilling guitar sound and wailing vocals to end, it really shows their full possibility to becoming a real rock’n’roll group.

Indie band The Motives can safely say they have accomplished their mission and wowed the Sugarmill with their first gig. It was apparent that most of the crowd belonged in their colossal fan base. Echoes of screams drowned the Sugarmill when they took to the stage with their little friend Derek the dolphin. Their faces said it entirely – they were highly chuffed with the turn out and how much the audience loved them. These are a great band to cover Arctic Monkey’s; Callum the drummer’s job on facebook is – reserve drummer for Arctic Monkey’s so playing ‘Still Take You Home’ ran smoothly; Alex Turner would be proud. Their ‘little friend’ is an inflatable dolphin which was thrown into the crowd and floated round for quite a while then popped due to how mental the crowd was. There newest songs were ‘Picture Frames’ and ‘Lady Next Door’ Alex told to crowd “Let’s go nuts”. It was a replicate of local band and an influence to them 3’s A Riot, which Alex did a shout out for as they supported in the crowd.The crowd was pretty immense for their first gig. ‘Vacate before it’s too late’ gave the band a Kasbian look. It was another song adored by the fans as they bounced in tune with the memorable melody. They were getting into the whole idea of performing as they started a song but were told to leave the stage because their time was over, the audience chant “Motives” as Callum runs the mic and says “Cheers for coming! means the world.” This is one band to keep an eye on. No doubt about it.

Five piece indie alt rock band Sherry Counsellors take to the stage in darkness looking smart in tailored suits and Chris Reynolds wearing a kilt with pride.  The crowd was already buzzing from the 3 previous supports acts so they had no problem with the crowd as they were energetic all night. They had a real likeable feel about them; they engaged with the audience and danced around the cramped stage but in no way arrogant just enthusiasm. New song ‘This Could Be It’ was full of energy it flowed efficiently into ‘Fortuna’s Fool’. Keith left the stage, Mark left his drums for half of it and Chris became the lead vocal. The vocals were magnificent and somewhat got the audience stunned with lighters in the air and swaying side to side. The drum beat half way through was powerful and you could feel the emotion they were sending out. Adding the trumpet in ‘Twisting me’ created a bluesy rock’n’roll feel, the front crowd got their groove on and the sideline audience were top tapping for definite. Under their indie looks there is some serious talent between them, honestly shocked they haven’t been signed! They finish with a popular one – ‘Aveline’ where most of the audience knew the words and sung along, it’s a perfect melody to clap along to. Whilst bring the unforgettable performance to a conclusion the drummer and guitarist from Kadence and two random woman jumped on the amps – just shows how much they are loved.

Want to hear more from Kadence? Head down to the Full Moon 25th July for The Eclipse Festival 2012.

Catch The Motives 31st August in Crewe – The Box.

Sherry Counsellors will be at Milwich Music festival 21st July.

The Get Alongs @ The Sugarmill 13.07.2012

Up and coming band The Ruby Dukes and Mod influenced Carnation had the privilege to support post-punk band, The Get Alongs at their 5th sell out gig.  Sugarmill was flooded in union jacks, in every corner and on every balcony side it gave that post-punk feel which I’m sure lead man Shane wanted.

The crowd are already boisterous and full of enthusiasm when The Ruby Dukes walk on stage. Halfway through a song the front man- Zak takes to the stage full of energy and kicks the night off. “Hands in the air” was a common phrase that got the crowd involved. Mike the bassist wrote their new tune, ‘Never thought I’d know’ from the words 1,2,3,4 the active front crowd were bouncing and the quiet sideline crowd were certainly toe tapping away. The Ruby Dukes had an awesome finish to every track played, a smash of the drum or strum of the guitar or even the wailing of the vocals, it went down well with the crowd. Dedicating a song toward The Gets Alongs was like a thank you. ‘Never be the same’ saw Mike jumping on the amps and the song as a whole sounded a lot like The Rifles. They announced that their EP will be out in a couple of weeks, they finished with a song which will feature on that EP, which will be called ‘Elephant dance’. Out came the tambourine which showed Zak at his maximum performance level of the evening. The change in tempo throughout the track was at its best, slowed way down and came right back up again – bit of Kasabian-esque.  

The first few sounds of Carnation and the crowd run down the stairs, people down the beers and head towards the front. Throughout their time performing the competition between Jack – front man and Paul- bassist was immense. Head touching and showing their attitudes off really gave a performance worthwhile to watch. Behind the personalities and the way they look they have some serious talent between them, specifically in ‘Move Fast’ which gave the performance a Weller impression. Jack gave the audience a warning “It’s gonna be loud” when playing ‘How Do you Feel’, that was right, the rock’n’roll band without doubt deafened the Sugarmill. There was a lengthy gap when the acoustic was been set up so Tom- drummer entertained the crowd; this showed the potential of a successful band because you’ll always be entertained no matter what. ‘Elizabeth My Dear’ was for “everyone who went watch Stone Roses at Heaton Park”. It was a beautiful cover of a beautiful song. Paul played acoustic centre stage whilst Jack sung at the side, Stone Roses would have been proud. Disaster stuck as Jack’s guitar string decided to break, it wasn’t all bad as Tom and Paul worked together again entertained the crowd with Oasis’s ‘Live Forever’. It was a real crowd pleaser! “F***ing guitar” Jack moans and kicks into ‘Rebels Tale’ which means more volume. The rock’n’roll melody gave the Sugarmill a Stone Roses atmosphere. ‘Wait And See’ was evidently the audience’s favourite as the temperature got higher and more people joined the crowd. Wiping the sweat from their forehead Carnation leaves the stage for the mighty Get Alongs.

Front man Shane got good luck messages and handshakes thrown at him all night whilst he walked around. Entering with ‘Rock Lobster’ as background music, teen girls and ‘MOD’ lads scream. Lead vocal Shane has changed his appearance since we last saw him, the only thing that has stayed is the glasses – I don’t think they will ever go, even if he did throw them in the crowd. Straight away he jumps on the amps and the energy doesn’t stop until he leaves the stage. There was a mixture of some new tunes, old tunes and some to just have a laugh with. Everyone in the Sugarmill was already surrounded in union jacks and Shane just had to add one more – his jacket, just like Pete Townshend or Liam Gallagher. In between their songs they played some laughable tunes, first being ‘Bird Is The Word’ from Family Guy and Sugar Hill Gang-Rappers Delight’s 80s tune ‘Hip Hop Hippity Hoppity Hopppity Boo Bang Bang To The Beat’. They really showed Shane’s personality as well as his unique vocals. ‘I’d rather listen to The Smiths’ was a new song that had a dramatic ending with the arming swinging guitar playing. Shane has so much love for his fans and the crowd that were there, he did shout outs for random people and after every song he would say, “Thank f***ing you”. They have so much charisma they can definitely tick off they have done an unforgettable performance. There is a great new addition to the Get Along family- Ash Seadon. His guitar solo was remarkable. The Get Alongs are one respectful group, they mentioned Chris Brahney – missing person from Stone Roses gig- and to pay their respect they told the crowd to make as much noise as possible for a minute. With the noise over and the level of energy in the crowd dropping Shane says “No more moshing now everyone get your arms around each other” and they started to play ‘Hiding under hair’. Forgetting about the sound difficulties they all continued to play the heartfelt song with all their passion. So calm Shane didn’t last for long, he was back with full swing and his reckless behaviour. It was a Libertines moment, Shane kept asking for “more noise”. They end the performance with Shane playing a harmonica on the amps and the guitarist with trousers round his ankles. In the near future The Get Alongs are recording a new EP with new records, a music video, and a new tour bus and are going on tour shortly. Get on it if you fancy being a mad head!

New band The Ruby Dukes are great new talent added to the local music scene, catch them next 27th July @ Fat Cats. 

Mod influenced Carnation are getting coaches together and playing in Coventry and then 28th September supporting Kid British at The Box. 

Lucee Clarke reviews The Blue Yellows debut EP

Five tracks of rock, roll, folk & grunge, The Blue Yellows release their debut EP after been together for 3 years. They don’t stick to one type of influence, genre for musical path which may get looked down upon but these; they know where they’re going and are sounding strong as ever.

With an abstract title and an abstract melody ‘No Tobacco, No Jesus’ kicks in with a distinct sound. You wouldn’t normally associate tobacco and Jesus together but they fit with the bizarre lyrics. The eerie guitar by Jonathan Tarplee gets your attention and begins to build movement in your body. Jonathan has a rare vocal tone and with the woman half of the quartet used as backing vocals it really makes this a remarkable track.
It’s a genuine rock out song. ‘Back in the Real World’ starts with an eccentric guitar sound and progresses with a drum and bass guitar with a heavy comparison to the rest of the tracks. The chorus consists of the repetition of, “back in the real world” which turns into a notable chant-like ending.

‘Feels Like Sunshine’ drops the tempo with an alternative rock introduction. It alters the sound into a gentle peaceful manner. The passionate lyrics make this ballad-like track somewhat – maybe – a love song. It’s a lovely melody that is tenderly performed by all members of the group. The intense, delicate harmony in Jonathan’s vocals makes a faultless layer in the song. The description of love within the song is “Feels like sunshine; tastes like sugar; sounds like thunder” by mentioning the three senses pulls at the loving heart strings and adding the abnormal descriptions really puts that affectionate original stamp on the EP.

A change in genre again and this time it’s more folksy with its cheery intro in ‘Big Low Copper Moon’. There is a contrast between the piano and guitar at the beginning which you could visualize would make a mesmerizing performance live on stage. There is the repetition of “Under a big, low, copper moon I wanna kiss you, wanna kiss you, wanna kiss you, I’ve been gone, too long, I’m coming home soon and I’ve missed you and I’ve missed you and I’ve missed you” throughout the song which creates a great sing-a-long song for the audience to adore.

This EP composed by Jonathan Tarplee ends with every member playing for the duration of ‘Humankind’. It has a heavier beat than the previous tracks but with the distinct range of Jonathan’s harmonies and the female’s scream-like vocals in the back its makes it a great ending towards the EP. The instrumental is the highlight of this track as we can hear hints of all instruments, guitar, keyboards, accordion, bass guitar, and drums, all played with passion and quirkiness. They bring the EP to a finish with an echo of the well played melody.

What people are going to love about this EP is that there is some lively rock out tunes and then some relaxing chill outs ones – a real change in tempo throughout. The sound quality may not be perfect but go and check these folk rockers out.

This EP is free to download all July.