Lucee Clarke reviews The Blue Yellows debut EP

Five tracks of rock, roll, folk & grunge, The Blue Yellows release their debut EP after been together for 3 years. They don’t stick to one type of influence, genre for musical path which may get looked down upon but these; they know where they’re going and are sounding strong as ever.

With an abstract title and an abstract melody ‘No Tobacco, No Jesus’ kicks in with a distinct sound. You wouldn’t normally associate tobacco and Jesus together but they fit with the bizarre lyrics. The eerie guitar by Jonathan Tarplee gets your attention and begins to build movement in your body. Jonathan has a rare vocal tone and with the woman half of the quartet used as backing vocals it really makes this a remarkable track.
It’s a genuine rock out song. ‘Back in the Real World’ starts with an eccentric guitar sound and progresses with a drum and bass guitar with a heavy comparison to the rest of the tracks. The chorus consists of the repetition of, “back in the real world” which turns into a notable chant-like ending.

‘Feels Like Sunshine’ drops the tempo with an alternative rock introduction. It alters the sound into a gentle peaceful manner. The passionate lyrics make this ballad-like track somewhat – maybe – a love song. It’s a lovely melody that is tenderly performed by all members of the group. The intense, delicate harmony in Jonathan’s vocals makes a faultless layer in the song. The description of love within the song is “Feels like sunshine; tastes like sugar; sounds like thunder” by mentioning the three senses pulls at the loving heart strings and adding the abnormal descriptions really puts that affectionate original stamp on the EP.

A change in genre again and this time it’s more folksy with its cheery intro in ‘Big Low Copper Moon’. There is a contrast between the piano and guitar at the beginning which you could visualize would make a mesmerizing performance live on stage. There is the repetition of “Under a big, low, copper moon I wanna kiss you, wanna kiss you, wanna kiss you, I’ve been gone, too long, I’m coming home soon and I’ve missed you and I’ve missed you and I’ve missed you” throughout the song which creates a great sing-a-long song for the audience to adore.

This EP composed by Jonathan Tarplee ends with every member playing for the duration of ‘Humankind’. It has a heavier beat than the previous tracks but with the distinct range of Jonathan’s harmonies and the female’s scream-like vocals in the back its makes it a great ending towards the EP. The instrumental is the highlight of this track as we can hear hints of all instruments, guitar, keyboards, accordion, bass guitar, and drums, all played with passion and quirkiness. They bring the EP to a finish with an echo of the well played melody.

What people are going to love about this EP is that there is some lively rock out tunes and then some relaxing chill outs ones – a real change in tempo throughout. The sound quality may not be perfect but go and check these folk rockers out.

This EP is free to download all July.


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