The Get Alongs @ The Sugarmill 13.07.2012

Up and coming band The Ruby Dukes and Mod influenced Carnation had the privilege to support post-punk band, The Get Alongs at their 5th sell out gig.  Sugarmill was flooded in union jacks, in every corner and on every balcony side it gave that post-punk feel which I’m sure lead man Shane wanted.

The crowd are already boisterous and full of enthusiasm when The Ruby Dukes walk on stage. Halfway through a song the front man- Zak takes to the stage full of energy and kicks the night off. “Hands in the air” was a common phrase that got the crowd involved. Mike the bassist wrote their new tune, ‘Never thought I’d know’ from the words 1,2,3,4 the active front crowd were bouncing and the quiet sideline crowd were certainly toe tapping away. The Ruby Dukes had an awesome finish to every track played, a smash of the drum or strum of the guitar or even the wailing of the vocals, it went down well with the crowd. Dedicating a song toward The Gets Alongs was like a thank you. ‘Never be the same’ saw Mike jumping on the amps and the song as a whole sounded a lot like The Rifles. They announced that their EP will be out in a couple of weeks, they finished with a song which will feature on that EP, which will be called ‘Elephant dance’. Out came the tambourine which showed Zak at his maximum performance level of the evening. The change in tempo throughout the track was at its best, slowed way down and came right back up again – bit of Kasabian-esque.  

The first few sounds of Carnation and the crowd run down the stairs, people down the beers and head towards the front. Throughout their time performing the competition between Jack – front man and Paul- bassist was immense. Head touching and showing their attitudes off really gave a performance worthwhile to watch. Behind the personalities and the way they look they have some serious talent between them, specifically in ‘Move Fast’ which gave the performance a Weller impression. Jack gave the audience a warning “It’s gonna be loud” when playing ‘How Do you Feel’, that was right, the rock’n’roll band without doubt deafened the Sugarmill. There was a lengthy gap when the acoustic was been set up so Tom- drummer entertained the crowd; this showed the potential of a successful band because you’ll always be entertained no matter what. ‘Elizabeth My Dear’ was for “everyone who went watch Stone Roses at Heaton Park”. It was a beautiful cover of a beautiful song. Paul played acoustic centre stage whilst Jack sung at the side, Stone Roses would have been proud. Disaster stuck as Jack’s guitar string decided to break, it wasn’t all bad as Tom and Paul worked together again entertained the crowd with Oasis’s ‘Live Forever’. It was a real crowd pleaser! “F***ing guitar” Jack moans and kicks into ‘Rebels Tale’ which means more volume. The rock’n’roll melody gave the Sugarmill a Stone Roses atmosphere. ‘Wait And See’ was evidently the audience’s favourite as the temperature got higher and more people joined the crowd. Wiping the sweat from their forehead Carnation leaves the stage for the mighty Get Alongs.

Front man Shane got good luck messages and handshakes thrown at him all night whilst he walked around. Entering with ‘Rock Lobster’ as background music, teen girls and ‘MOD’ lads scream. Lead vocal Shane has changed his appearance since we last saw him, the only thing that has stayed is the glasses – I don’t think they will ever go, even if he did throw them in the crowd. Straight away he jumps on the amps and the energy doesn’t stop until he leaves the stage. There was a mixture of some new tunes, old tunes and some to just have a laugh with. Everyone in the Sugarmill was already surrounded in union jacks and Shane just had to add one more – his jacket, just like Pete Townshend or Liam Gallagher. In between their songs they played some laughable tunes, first being ‘Bird Is The Word’ from Family Guy and Sugar Hill Gang-Rappers Delight’s 80s tune ‘Hip Hop Hippity Hoppity Hopppity Boo Bang Bang To The Beat’. They really showed Shane’s personality as well as his unique vocals. ‘I’d rather listen to The Smiths’ was a new song that had a dramatic ending with the arming swinging guitar playing. Shane has so much love for his fans and the crowd that were there, he did shout outs for random people and after every song he would say, “Thank f***ing you”. They have so much charisma they can definitely tick off they have done an unforgettable performance. There is a great new addition to the Get Along family- Ash Seadon. His guitar solo was remarkable. The Get Alongs are one respectful group, they mentioned Chris Brahney – missing person from Stone Roses gig- and to pay their respect they told the crowd to make as much noise as possible for a minute. With the noise over and the level of energy in the crowd dropping Shane says “No more moshing now everyone get your arms around each other” and they started to play ‘Hiding under hair’. Forgetting about the sound difficulties they all continued to play the heartfelt song with all their passion. So calm Shane didn’t last for long, he was back with full swing and his reckless behaviour. It was a Libertines moment, Shane kept asking for “more noise”. They end the performance with Shane playing a harmonica on the amps and the guitarist with trousers round his ankles. In the near future The Get Alongs are recording a new EP with new records, a music video, and a new tour bus and are going on tour shortly. Get on it if you fancy being a mad head!

New band The Ruby Dukes are great new talent added to the local music scene, catch them next 27th July @ Fat Cats. 

Mod influenced Carnation are getting coaches together and playing in Coventry and then 28th September supporting Kid British at The Box. 


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