Moral Panics EP Launch Gig @ The Sugarmill 28.07.2012 by Lucee Clarke

  Original band Moral Panics headlined the Sugarmill the day their three tracked EP ‘Voids’ was
released with great support from impressive performers Staghouse, alternative indie band The Club
Of Rome and new member to the Stoke music scene Jet Set Cadet.

   To kick the night off was Jet Set Cadet. They started the night by giving the Sugarmill a real rock and
roll feel. It created a real buzzing atmosphere as their amps sounded like they were on full blast
showing their full potential to becoming a successful indie rock band that people will remember and
enjoy. It was a great set they put together as each song flowed into each other with no awkward
breaks. They played all four tracks from their debut EP ‘Ready for Takeoff’ which the audience
seemed to love. They all have a different likeable melody with memorable lyrics that Lee’s vocals
suited without a glitch.

   Taking to the stage dressed all in black was The Club of Rome that kicked straight into ‘Lazy Girl’ it
was like they reproduce 1996 again by sounding alot like The Coral. Their most popular song ‘Same
Old Trouble’ got the crowd toe tapping or head banging away and gave a little psychedelic feel to
them. ‘The Night’ saw the use of soft backing vocals from Chris added to the powerful main vocals of
Phil. They ended their impressive set with a banging sound and a roar of applauds. This was their last
gig until the autumn and we look forward to hearing what they are going to been produced in that

   On facebook before the gig they said “allow Staghouse to violate your eyes” they can definitely
tick this off their list. They were drowning the Sugarmill and its crowd with their fierce sound. Trendy
alternative funk rock from the off, Staghouse opened with ‘Pulse’. The eerie electric guitar and the
lyrics ‘I’m gonna take you down down’ was repeated throughout it gave a British Sea Power feel.
All five members of the groups put on an active performance. Adam the lead singer got the mic of
the stand and bounced around stage playing air guitar whilst performing ‘Four Walls’. The speed in
Adam vocals varied which got the audience more enthusiastic, the band astounded the audience
when they built up to the massive scream Adam did. They played two covers which they put their
own unique twist on, ‘These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ originally written by Lee Hazlewood and
Nancy Sinatra recorded it and Johnny Cash’s version of ‘Personal Jesus’. The completed there set
with a song wrote only 24 hours ago it doesn’t have a name yet so it’s ‘New Song’. It was longer than
their previous tracks and different to their normal rock sound that they create.

   All though it wasn’t a total sell out gig the crowd Moral Panics had was the busiest crowd of the
night. As they entered with ‘Internet Friends’ by Knife Party, it got the crowd and band raving and
buzzing for the next 40 minutes. To grab everyone’s attention they started with a talented
instrumental that led into ‘Hurricane’. The energy of the band was electric and it soon brushed off
into the crowd. Moral Panics have a new member Tom and he was playing the keys. In ‘Breathe’ a
new track, the keys and Eden’s drum beat suited perfectly together. What’s great about this band is
they can pull a huge loud track off but can slow it down and still pull it off. They did their cover
of ‘Starry Eyed’ which they as I found out absolutely love, along with their general love for Ellie Goulding, so it’s
a suitable song for them to perform.

   We see old guitarist Ben joining in ‘Electric Eden’ for three
tracks. ‘Electric Eden’ is known as their most chilled out song. The backing vocals from Charlie add
another layer and it all comes together without fault. It was noticeable that ‘Move My Feet’ was
the audience’s favourite as most of the audience knew the lyrics and bounced along to the catchy
melody. The build up in ‘Voids’ was incredible. The powerful vocals of Dan and the extra vocals from Charlie were awesome. The ending of this track added humour within their set, Dan has a solo and Eden, Charlie and Tom sat on camp chairs looking bored; great way to entertain the crowd even more. They end the set with ‘Hold Forever’ their newest track. It begins with a march like drum beat and again has Charlie’s backing vocals singing along with Dan to the story telling lyrics. The slowdown half way through with the lyrics “never hold” repeated created a massive impact as it forms anticipation that the track will end then it gradually builds back up again. Awesome way to end a night full of talent.


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