Faux Feet, by Faux Feet

Faux Feet’s self entitled collection opens with Handlebars, a superb track with an intro like a sun rise. With great drum beats and mellow yet energetic guitar work, the unique voice of Sian Matthews is given a foundation of brilliance and the song uses dynamics intelligently, which brings great effect and works flawlessly with the harmonies. This song alone shows why Faux Feet are one of the most underrated bands in not only Stoke-on-Trent but the whole of Staffordshire. Eerie effects used throughout Handlebars takes the song to a different level of brilliance, and this four piece band consisting of Sian Matthews, Carl Howe, Tim Cooke and Tom Harrison continue to impress with Down, another pearl in the musical ocean of Stoke. Addictive melody and harmony in the vocals, backed up with inspired guitar play and powerful beats and heart hitting bass, Down is an energetic song from start to finish which again is backed up with intelligent under currents in its sound. Faux Feet have a strange ability to produce songs that would not sound out of place in a soundtrack or backing music to new indie TV dramas, and Down is again one of these songs. Stood in a venue listening to the four piece belt out this new indie anthemic ‘ballad’ would see any listener taken away and finding themselves to be lost in the music until the sharp climax to the song which brings them ruthlessly from their trance. Sleep Paralysis begins with an eerie yet beautiful intro, flowing gently into its first verse, while the beautiful back-beat continues throughout the song. The lyrics in this song suggest an exposure of emotion with such an air of poetics around it you can almost smell the moment that you only wish you emulate. Even more intelligent use of music and technology in this song, Faux Feet have achieved here the completion of a collection of songs which is close to being flawless and is most definitely one of the finest works of music from Stoke-on-Trent this year.

Radical’s Rating – 5/6


Hear Faux Feet at http://www.facebook.com/faux.feet

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