Gravities @ The Sugarmill 19.07.2012

Faux Feet. Faux Feet, Faux Feet, Faux Feet. This is a band who’s name must be repeated before its class truly begins to sink in, such is the beauty hidden within every possible element. To new listener who may have somehow chanced upon the band on facebook, it must be quite befuddling trying to uncover the air of mystery surrounding the name, but what is really hard to fathom is how the hell Faux Feet aren’t playing sell out gigs at every possible venue.

Opening to a crowd of easily less than twenty, a crime against music was committed in The Sugarmill this four-piece group of the most talented musicians were not put on a pedestal in celebration for the night. Nevertheless, Faux Feet still took the venue by the scruff of the neck, thrashing out their extravagantly mellow yet rocky an electronic mix and grabbing the crowds attention defiantly. With the new E.P from Faux Feet coinciding almost perfectly with the gig, the band were able to showcase, or rather flaunt their newly recorded material; material which is without doubt of the highest standard, as Sian Matthews proves as she lets herself go in the music and lyric of each and every song. On show at The Sugarmill tonight were the songs from the self entitled EP, with Handlebars going down a storm with the gathering crowd, and ending the set on such a powerful song as Sleep Paralysis did nothing but make the next band a little unsure whether they could actually follow Faux Feet. Not a bad feeling to give off for the opening act of the night. Moving on to the next act as quickly as possible (A review of Faux Feet seems oddly disrespectful, in a strange way; it feels a little like an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical being reviewed by Bart Simpson. That’s how good Faux Feet are.)

Rough Twist, hailing from nearby Macclesfield, have a heavy rock set which is fused with two harmonising saxophones. It is easy to think that sounds a little daunting, heavy rock and sax? No no don’t talk crazy, I hear you say. But it works, and it works very well for sure, apart from the unfortunate occasions when the music actually drowned out the sound of the saxophones. Singer Dewi Chappell is enigmatic on stage and the band as a unit work well together and clearly enjoy playing music as much as the crowd enjoy hearing it.

A Plastic Rose, of Belfast seem to have what it takes to go the distance in the music industry. On stage they have a confident swagger, but not like the one we’re all thinking about, yet more like a band who are passionate in what they do an a humble confidence in their ability to perform. Their sound is a clever, cunning style of rock with a hint of romance scattered about each song to leave you wondering why they are not already in your music collection.

Headliners Gravities seem effortless in their set. They take to the stage, and with a cheeky, “you’re going to enjoy this” smirk on his face. And the crowd seem to sense it, too. They are now well gathered at The Sugarmill, not a sell out gig but still a very respectable crowd for a Thursday night gig especially. Gravities are, to look at, a difficult band to work out as fair as their image goes. Ben Forrester, lead guitarist, is, just by his image, the new Slash, and his guitar play backs that up whole heartedly, with his ease of licks and sense of true enjoyment at being on the stage and performing to a crowd which includes friend and big fan Dave Leese of Sworn To Oath. Adam Lowell could easily fit right in with a commercial indie band, but his style on the stage and his natural grace as a performer well and truly rip that formula to pieces. He plays with a pure passion in his eyes, you can feel him letting out his heart and soul in the set, belting out could-be classics such as Pyramids and current single In Darkness There Is Light to a standard which should warrant the band keys to the music scene of Stoke-on-Trent. 2012 has so far been an outstanding year for local music, and Gravities could well end the year on a massive high if this gig has been anything to go by.

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