Emilio Pinchi EP review.

Emilio Pinchi is back once again this year with another EP, Popular Myth & Conflict. This time with a fresh matured sound and yes Emilio, yet again played each instrument as well as sing like previously in Kick Back. Not only is all 5 tracks utter brilliance but so is the artwork mastered by Tori McIntyre. Its cartoon-like colourful pictures of randomness and block writing sort of create a personality for the EP.

First track Fireworks starts off beautifully acoustic and kicks into the memorable chorus when he repeats “It won’t stop”. Emilio skilfully changes from acoustic to full band throughout the track with the additive, soft drum beat and his loveable vocals you could listen to this track all day without a strike of boredom hitting you.

Slowest, shortest and mellower of the EP Slow Down is crammed with so much emotion. Emilio’s vocals are just so perfectly unique with his melodies which consist of gentle guitar playing. This is a track that will spring a cheeky little smile upon anyone’s face.

The intro to the third track, You Said Too Much has an echo of post-Britpop band Coldplay with the alternative keyboard rock pop sound. The vocals are much more powerful and the repetition of “You said too much” towards the end make you want to join in as a backing signer.

Starting off with his astonishing vocals and guitar, Fifteen Thousand Nights is the fourth track on the EP. Throughout the track we hear the powerful drum beat alongside his voice then when he sings alone with his guitar its complete different but still an amazing sound. The change works smoothly and with the talent we’ve seen from Emilio so far it’s surprising he’s still in Stoke.

Personal favourite is Sunday Night it ends his talented EP perfectly. Each track has its own individual story towards it, this is one is cute, meaningful and it can relate to anyone. The sweet melody gets you toe tapping and the added extras with his vocals top it off. He brings it to an end with “da,da,da” repeated which makes its a loveable track and one to sway along too.

I am full of excitement already for more new tracks to come from this fresh up and coming dude who will be attending LIPA -The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in September.  It really is surprising that Emilio hasn’t played his first headline gig yet but he has it coming up -19th October at Sugarmill! With so much talent in one guy he is one not to forget or overlook.  Popular Myth & Conflict will be out 17th August and on official download 18th August.

By Lucee Clarke


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