Lucee Clarke interviews Emilio Pinchi

With only 9 days to go for Emilio’s EP launch gig on the 17th I caught up with him for a chat about his new EP.

This five tracked EP is named ‘Popular Myth and Conflict’ it came about whilst Emilio looked through a media book and it all came together. Throughout this EP the songs and the artwork revolve around the theme of popular myths and conflict in everyday life. The artwork is spot on. It’s vibrant colours, cartoon like drawings and block text really give a personality to the EP.  It was mastered by a friend of his Tori McIntyre.

Previous EP ‘Kick Back’ was full of emotion and had a real soft beautiful sound to it so I asked Emilio has his new EP matured in sound, he reply was that its defiantly matured. The first EP was more acoustic this one has more of a band feel towards it. Each track Fireworks, Slow Down, You Said Too Much, Fifteen Thousand Lights and Sunday Night all have an individual story but correspond with the main theme.  He’s known to play each instrument that it heard and in this new EP it’s the same expect his producer helped out on the drums but it’s still the same unique sound which people love.

Whilst writing these passionate lyrics and recording Emilio doesn’t specifically think about influences as such but one that sprung to mind was Elliot Smith a folk punk singer/songwriter in the 80s and 90s. Throughout the interview I learnt that Emilio has a wide range of influences from Noel Gallagher to Enter Shikari. He names Noel Gallagher as the ‘lyrical genius’. Emilio’s enjoys listening to the new albums by Noah and the Whale; his favourite gigs were Enter Shikari and Kings of Leon. His local influence is The Pretty Great Whites. I asked him what gig would you love you have gone in the past, his reply was “Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nivaria, Foo Fighters first gig and Oasis”.

Emilio had played previous gigs and performed some songs from the EP and he believes that people liked them. At the Oatcake Day Acoustic Session at Yates a member of the audience compared him to James Blunt, was this an insult or compliment?

Emilio is a solo artist and loves it but say in 5 years time when he’s graduated from university he’d love to be in a band. I joke and say “Emilio and His Friends” and his idea was “Emilio’s High Flying…” from this he goes on to talk about how Noel is god and I do agree he is a massive inspiration with his song writing.

I mention the up and coming local festival Hippy Horror where Emilio will be playing first on Sunday. He’s looking forward to the whole experience but looking especially forward to watching 3’s A Riot and The Control. The day before the organiser Rich Buxton said there was fancy dress each day and on Saturday its dead celebrities, Emilio has his sorted – Kurt Cobain. We got  talking about how Hippy Hippy Shake company  makes local music shakes, I asked Emilio if Rich rang him up what flavour he would choose. His reply was banana and maybe chocolate and then in the end it was decided it was going to be banana and coffee.

Emilio had a successful song ‘Set My Sights’ which hit the Radicals Rising Hype Chart. I asked him if any of these new track will manage to sneak in there, his reply was  I really hope so, Sunday Night or Fireworks would be great as they are radio sounding”

If you like the sound of Emilio Pinchi’s EP check him out on the 17th August at the Sugarmill were there is free copies of it and on the 18th it will be on official download. There maybe an appearance on this EP on ITunes and Spotify too.



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