3’s A Riot @ Underground 01.09.2012

Arriving half an hour before doors open and already the underground wall was full of teens leaning against it waiting for the mental night ahead. The amount of times I’ve been to a 3’s A Riot gig its surprising I haven’t reviewed them before,  but this time I took a step back and stayed well clear of the mosh pit.  They were supported by new indie band The Ruby Dukes and the return of re-mastered four piece Vellocet.

Starting the sell out gig off was The Ruby Dukes with their single ‘Elephant Dance’ it was Kasbian –esque. The instrumental gave us something to watch Zak was an energetic front man and Josh was like 2nd to front man it was just like Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno. ‘This Town’ showed guitarist Rick what he’s made of. He did his own solo to begin which showed us the vigorous riffs that raised everyone’s energy levels in the room.  ‘Winning Smile’ straight away brought Liam Fray from The Courteeners in my head. With the silent gap in the middle really enhanced the ending. With only coming into the music scene at the start of the start of the year it’s surprising they have such an indie sound that will mature as they go on in music life. New track ‘Little Romance’ had an addictive melody which drummer Ollie pulled off. Each track throughout the night as I listened carefully told a story and they had those popular catchy choruses which people adored. ‘Cut The Shackles’ heard the repetitiveness of “I don’t wanna be the one” with the angular melodies and riffs. ‘Girls No Fun’ had a hint that maybe they like The View. Listening to The Ruby Dukes music it’s evident they have a lot of indie influences. Everyone was in The Ruby Dukes zone as they kicked into ‘In The Zone’, everyone caught on to how to sing the chorus! Another new track from the dukes was ‘Love Is My Fame’. It has that psychedelic indie rather that rock indie about it. The instrumental was awesome and highlights that their new songs are gonna be better as they progress. I kind of knew these were going to sneak some Kasbian song in this set, ‘LSF’ was the cover they performed. The Ruby Dukes are a great band to cover Kasbian as by the sound of them they are big big fans.

Vellocet’s new line up consists of Jordan Gifford – vocals, rhythm guitar, Ash Simpson – lead guitar, Leigh Dewey – drums and Louis Wilson –bass. Nimbus fired up Vellocet’s performance. People were standing and staring in amazement to hear the monstrous noise they can make. They are a top band for doing instrumentals. Jord says after first track ‘Black Widow’ “It’s good to be back”, I’m pretty sure everyone in the underground and the fans have missed them, they are glad Vellocet are back too. Dewey’s drum beats in the tracks were addictive in people’s heads and toes, with a band like Vellocet they have such unique lyrics that sound awesome with the melody “devils angels watching over me” is one example. New track ‘She Is The Sun’ is the most gentle song they’ve created. It starts with a bongo solo which is great because number one-  watching a band use a unique instrument is original and number  two –  listening to it sounds amazing. Vellocet have been hard at work, constantly in that recording studio getting songs written and practise completed, so to show it all off they play another new track – ‘New Horizon’. Seeing Jord as a front man for old fans maybe weird but for me as a new fan I found Jord ticked all the boxes– the attitude, the voice, the humour and the stage presence. Throughout Vellocet’s set the toe tapping gradually got heavier and turned in to foot stomping. The repeated vocals at the end of ‘New Horizon’ – “Can you feel it” is one of them where you just want to jump on stage with them and join in. Adding humour to the set Jord performed his ‘rehearsed’ backwards roll and quotes “that’s was part of it”. Personally I didn’t think they were going to play ‘Sahara’ as I found the week before it’s like a 50/50 chance for it to sound right. 6 mintues long, as a four piece and without keyboards Vellocet smashed it right in everyone’s faces that they CAN be a successful four piece.  Covering Fatboy Slim has been in the cards for Vellocet for years and finally they have performed it and personally watching it I was so zoned in to them with all the other people in the room. The build up of the drum beat drowned inside of everyone taking over and everyone was bouncing in unison. It’s time to step on board the Vellocet train and head towards success with them.

It started like an Ibiza nightclub as 3’s A Riot enter with a dance tune and throwing beach balls out to the audience. Without further ado they were away, energy levels were soaring, imagine the mosh pits at mainstream festivals it was somewhat near to that. Front man Joe Tomasso persistently gave out commands of “Jump” and everyone listened and took notice and jumped. ‘Not Going Home Tonight’ puts Joe at the near top of the vocal pinnacle with Dan keeping the bouncing beat. The first chords of ‘The Wanted Man’ and arms, lighters and phones were in the air. It was familiar to Oasis, nonchalant drum beat; well composed guitar riffs the vocals that remind me of Gallagher’s. Popular track “Tonight The Sun Comes Up” began with the ‘famous’ chant the fans created. Throughout 3’s A Riot gigs it’s like a rollercoaster ride, they are clever at bringing the tempo down but bring right back up for the hardcore moshers. The powerful guitars riffs matches the harsh drum beat faultlessly. 3’s A Riot have been a busy band recently creating new track for their EP. One of their new tracks is, ‘You say. It’s gone. Its over’. It made Joe’s front man attitude shine. By the sound of things 3’s A Riot have been working their little socks off to get these new songs loved and they’ve hit the jackpot, the crowd were immense for it. There has been a buzz around for a while of whom or what was their special guest  to appear on stage with him and finally it was revealed. Local rapper Lance Phillips was brought on stage and performed a new track with the four lads – ‘In The City’. It was different, the crowd admired it but personally it’s not to my liking. Lance overpowered Tomasso’s unique vocal which was a risk they took, its either you love it or hate it. I think 3’s A Riot have that creative edge about them which is adored and will be forever adored. Their music is going to be ever changing but still listen to and brought by present fans and additional fans. Back the normal 3’s A Riot now and ‘I Don’t Like Your Tune’ see’s Toby adding captivating backing vocals and even though each member were by now drowned in sweat they  gave the rapid melodic track a right bang. The Pigeon Detectives indicated an influence for the four piece as they covered 2007 track ‘Take Her Back’. The audience were screaming the lyrics back at them and Tomasso working the crowd extremely well. ‘Lose Control’ describes the atmosphere if you ever attend one of their gigs. It was obvious that 3’s a riot themselves and every single human being in the underground had lost control throughout the song at some point. 3’s a riot are one of them bands that absolutely adore their fans and as Toby says after the gig on facebook “I’m lost for words honestly, you lot mean the world to us, I wish I could stand on the door and kiss every single one of you on the way out”.


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