The Ruby Dukes EP Review

Bright Lights and Plastic Pints is the EP released by The Ruby Dukes. Listening through all the songs without a stop shows off their mixed influence and likes. It’s hard not to sing along, nod your head or tap your feet to the simple, well textured sounds they create.

So beautiful like a black sheep, is the kind of lyrics The Ruby Dukes have created. With unique lyrics it shows the bands full potential of writing something as good as their lyrical influences – Pink Floyd. One genre of music that springs to mind whilst listening to ‘Cut the Shackles’ is psydelicia. With the sophisticated guitars, ambitious drum beat and precise bass line it ticks all the boxes.  “I don’t wanna be the one” is a great chorus line for the fans to sing along and enjoy.

Radicals Rising’s chart topper ‘Elephant Dance’ shows off bassist Mike’s song writing – “Out into the rain again there’s a sliver sky waiting to rise again.” It has that Brit-Pop 90’s echo towards it with the dancey component.

“Girls no Fun” kicks in with the simple drum beat then it builds up with the layering fuzzy guitar riffs which give it that contemporary rock and roll sound. Lead singer Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys creeps into mind with Zak’s high-speed vocals.

On the EP it’s called ‘The Secret Song’ but as I learnt from the lads it called ‘The Happy Song’. It’s recorded acoustic, I’m a big lover of acoustics’ and The Ruby Dukes have hit the nail on the head with it. The sweet guitar playing gives that impression of The Courteeners. The song writing is yet again unique. It sounds like these lads have had break-ups and gone upon them to write their lyrics – “But I think I’m over you”. For a full band to form an emotional yet charismatic track shows people their up for a challenge.

Throughout the EP each track has a distinct element to it. It’s adventurous for The Ruby Dukes to have so many different influences and likes but within their sound and personalities they do it effectively. By knowing which tracks are new you can see how far this 5 piece have come along. Their sound has matured and I, along with others can’t wait to hear more from them.

By Lucee Clarke


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