Paper Tigers E.P ‘Safe In Words’ reviewed

‘Safe in Words’ straight away signals how ardent the lyrics are going to be and what the record will illustrate throughout the continuance of 16 minutes. With the first listen of the EP the initial image in your head are the wild fan girls at the front of a gig practically kissing front man Jim Carters feet. It’s a sophisticated version of Kids in Glass Houses, but louder, and heavier.

Paper Tigers storm into the EP with ‘Summer on Blossom Street’. Jim’s modern vocals and faint guitar melody makes this undeniably a hard track to follow. The repetition of, “How do I get you alone” alongside the back vocals, “na na na na na na naaa” marry as one with the air punching drum beat. Elongating, “woaaaah” and “yeeeeeah” beguile the loveable crowd in with the mesmeric lyrics.

The build up of guitar chords and soft vocals soon turn into powerful drum beats and beautiful harmonies like reminisce of Kids in Glass House combined with Metro Station. It’s goodbye to recycled post-pop and hello to refined five piece – Paper Tigers. ‘Back to You’ shines and the bright ray of sunlight is Jim’s vocal ability and uniqueness.

Just as you thought the tempo was lowered, the rapid, drilling melody in ‘Vignettes’ begins to infest your bodies, heads nod and maybe the cheeky, little catchy lyrics sings out. I never really thought rock and pop go together as a genre but with the brilliance of Paper Tigers musical creations I now believe in it.

Yet again a track that will easily loiter around in your head for another day so is, ‘The Whistleblower’. “Will we ever feel like this again” indicates the songwriter has had break up, make ups and moved on which has influenced them to write these stereotypical pop genre songs with the heavier melodies.

Hard work, effort and passion and style are the four main ingredients within the Paper Tigers recipe for success. And they will be successful.


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