The Dead Famous @ Underground 29.09.2012

Staffordshire Rocks 2011 winners Nuclear Safari open Saturdays Underground gig. Their distinctive pop rock sound is created with slow mature form of rock music harmonized with the subgenre of pop music. ‘Funky Joe’ was a song that caught the majority of the audience’s attention. The funk pop bass line and exciting guitar riffs got the singer – Emily and the audience grooving.  Emily’s soft gentle vocal surprisingly matches the heavy beats Luke creates. Her rapid voice wasn’t far off rapping but scraped the edge as the other members were creating a quick paced energetic melody. You can have a listen to their music on their Facebook and Soundcloud page.

With no sound check Neon Rouge smash the Underground. There was a new member which was the keyboard player and to be honest their performance live is more awesome then last time. This newly formed 5 piece have improved and it was beneficial. Taking a front row position for the first time was amazing, to be close to the band and really feel their music was something everyone should experience! When you see a band member looking proud of another band member it tells the crowd they are doing something right and they have a massive passion for what they’re doing. Neon Rouge earlier that day released their 3 track EP. They played all 3 tracks, ‘Not Good Enough’, ‘INIZO’ and Radicals Rising chart appearance, ‘Fisty Cuffs’, the complete sound was  intense and took possession of everyone’s attention with Kieran’s quality vocals. DORS saw the fresh new existence of the official Neon Rouge mosh pit which will in time grow. Big news for Neon Rouge, they will be playing at the Hippy Horror festival on Sunday, be there to catch them.

Rock mental influenced From Within grace the stage with their heavy sound that drowned the Underground. Their harsh drum beats mixed with pounding guitar riffs is what makes their sounds their own.  It was a shock to find that these guys are like 15/16. Lead vocalist sounds as if he’d be experienced by big musical names like Billie Joe Armstrong. If their music and personalities doesn’t scream passion I don’t know what does. They added humour and individuality to their set with an Aloe Blacc, Fat Boy Slim and Jay Z puzzle, the astonishing thing about it was that the crowd loved it. From Within have an EP which they worked on with famed producer Shawn Lowe and they finish their set with the EP titled track ‘All or Nothing’.

The Dead Famous all the way from London headlined tonight’s gig on their Hide Your Halo tour and they didn’t come alone, they brought a handful of fans too. With their pop image and pop sound they sure formed some Stoke fans predominantly girls. They informed us they were having an MTV video out next month with ‘Superstar’ appearing on it, even though this band may not be local, I and the fans they gathered wish them good luck in the rest of their tour and future events.

By Lucee Clarke


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