Emilio Pinchi headlines The Sugarmill 19.20.2012

The Sugarmill on Friday and they were happily bewildered. It was local lad Emilio Pinchi’s very first headline. Supporting was close friend Sally Pepper; the ‘hipster’ likes of Ben Owen and Robbie and signed outstanding act, Jacob Banks.

Winner of, the A Major Prize for Music at her past college, Sally Pepper starts the night off. Sally’s vocals are somewhat powerful but soft and gentle. Having an antagonistic strum on the guitar shows the power she can produce as a solo artist. As most acts that open a gig are generally nervous, Sally illustrates that she surmounted her nerves by taking her beanie hat off which implied she was relieved it was going so well. An inspiring atmosphere was created when she switched from compelling shouts to faint whispers. ‘All hands on Deck’ was the track that was recorded with Emilio. It has that toe tapping melody and elongated lyrics which presents the strength in her vocal. Whilst studying in Liverpool at the uni of LIPA, Sally has written new material and produced a debut EP – Vanity of the Highest Order. ‘Shrks + Wlvs’ is about getting drunk – this could describe the nights and uni life she now lives. In “Live Dangerously”, the title is repeated towards the end and suggests this could be some type of motto for young Pepper. ‘White Knuckle Secrets’ had interesting, exciting and fascinating guitar riffs and it’s no wonder why it’s her favourite track. It looks fun to perform. ‘From The Start’ needs a definite mention. It’s a track which creates goose bumps. The lyrics tell a real story and it happens every day when you lose someone close. Sally certainly gave the Sugarmill their appreciation, not only was her music outstanding but her personality made her more likeable too

Number one in US 1988, Ben Owen and Robbie Sherratt cover ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’. The crowd were soon intoxicated by the creative style and awesome beat they put together.  He kept the rock elements to the song, except the change to acoustic and little twists in his vocals, like changing his distance away from the microphone to vary his folksy rock ranges. Good choice of a cover. Ben has been busy writing new material and I can honestly say that since the last time I saw them 4 months ago, they have matured their sound, lyrics have become more emotional in depth and their creativity have boosted. Guitar and violin has recently become a popular mix the two string instruments have a unique twist, one forceful eerie sound clash with an acoustic melody and bang you have something extraordinary. It’s understandable why Robbie sticks to just playing the violin, he came to the microphone and told a squirrel fact… that’s right, a squirrel fact! It added humour nevertheless. A new track ‘Island of Love’ has a cheery melody that has passionate lyrics, “Your love is a melody, you speak the language of love”. The intensity of Robbie’s violin strings and Ben’s vocal makes this a secure track for people to adore.  1st October saw the release of Ben’s new single ‘Famous’ with its catchy lyrics and captivating beats it’s a successful , good choice for a single. Ben being the human that he is, is donating all money from his single to the Donna Louise charity.

Wow! Jacob Banks. “Watch this Space!” is what it says on his Facebook page and undeniably you need to watch that space. He is way up the scale with the delightful likes of Bon Iver. Quirkiness and the soulfulness of his vocals make Mr Jacob Banks, extremely unique and a magnificence artist to watch. ‘Kids on the corner’ is my favourite, the lyrics are true to his life they get more emotionally as songs go by. Jacob played two covers and both two of my all time favourite tracks, ‘Skinny Love’ and ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. His innocent guitar playing and gentle voice made it like no other artist could have done. Stealing, Dave Leese’s word, “If silk was music, that’s what he would be singing”. As the gig got more intense and more of his talent was unveiling, behind this shy mysterious man from London is a mega musician.

It was the time, the time when Emilio plays his very first headline. After only arriving from Liverpool earlier that day he was tired but excited to play. With his new EP out, Popular Myth and Conflict Emilio played most of his set from there. I can listen over and over to the EP and never get bored. ‘Slow Down’ is crammed with so much emotion, and like in every track he’s recorded, the lyrics tell stories that everyone can relate to. ‘Fireworks’ still sounds great live with him and his guitar, the skill he has on the guitar is one of his tremendous talent, sort of reminds me of Ed Sheeran. Covering ‘Pumped Up Kids’ I thought it was a new track he’d written but it was Foster The People. He changed it to suit him and his style which shows off his potential of becoming that solo artist everyone knows, and everyone knows the words to his songs. The sound difficulties took over and thanks to Sally Pepper who saved the day with her guitar and lead. Emilio was nervous and this must have devastated him, but as it was sorted Emilio’s smile was back and he started again with the new track ‘Invisible Man’. Pinchi will be having new tracks recorded very soon and that’s something alot of people will be enormously excited about. ‘Set my Sights’ is one of Emilio oldest Tracks and it still has that impact it had when it first came out. Sweet, captivating melody which I absolutely love was played in ‘Sunday Night’. Emilio vocals are amazingly unique and it was a ‘get a tissue out’ moments.
With Emilio attending LIPA in Liverpool he won’t be doing alot of Stoke gigs however this headline he owned it. At Hippy Horror he will be playing on Saturday 27th. I, as well as a lot more people, can’t wait for the new recorded tracks Emilio produces.

Dirty Slut Clothing needs a worthy mention, they were placed at the back and they adored the acts that played, especially Emilio as on their Facebook page it says, “Artists we Endorse: Emilio Pinchi”. DSC is local and is an alternative clothing label. They will be also at Hippy Horror and catch them there!


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