Breaking Satellites E.P Launch Gig @ The Sugarmill 20.10.2012

Breaking Satellites release their new E.P with this stunning night at The Sugarmill, with support from three well thought out bands. Opening band, All Signs Point Here, seem fresh on the stage, but come across like a pretty new band, playing mostly a set of covers, including Blink 182 and such artists that clearly inspire the band. The singer slips up with his lyrics and he seemed as though he was trying to sound like Blink’s singer for than himself. Front man James Hackley tries to get the crowd as much as he can, and as an opening band that can be a daunting task but he did his best. The sound of the band is raw and unpolished, giving the appearance of a band not much gigged, and the use of covers further enhances this.

Nuclear Safari do a last minute tuning check before jumping into a cool beat. Lead singer Emily is dressed to thrill all in black and her natural stage presence is backed up by the strong and tight sound that the band gives to the crowd. Guitarist Lewie helps himself onto the speakers at the front of the stage and clearly loves being in this band. After two songs, Emily introduces the band, which cunningly links them into their third song, ‘Play For A While’, a well paced, up beat tune full of energy. NS then slow it right down, and Lewie has a few issues making sure his guitar is in tune but he and the band play on as he tunes which is a credit to their professionalism. Throwing in a great little funk number showing off their Red Hot Chilli Peppers inspiration, Nuclear Safari come to the end of their set with bassist George seemingly in his talented element.

Main support of the night Jessie’s Divide are a very well rehearsed band with strikingly good harmonies. After a long time away from the stage, the three piece have returned with venom and a technical ability which is rare in our music scene. Jessie’s Divide are very humble and gracious about the amount of support they have been shown for tonight’s gig and in recent times, and front man Si Ward is very much looking forward to his well earned pint after the energetic set. As the songs roll in the bands confidence rises and rises and they begin to let themselves for more and more with each song, and visibly gear up the eager crowd for Breaking Satellites.

The headline act smash their set into pieces with an explosive entrance and powerful start. Breaking Satellites possess bags of energy on the whole and it’s a wonder they aren’t oozing sweat after the first song. Bassist Brad Booth has a technical problem which then turns into a slightly bigger problem, but almost as soon as this is resolved he finds himself having a pair of knickers thrown at him, which he then proceeds to put on the neck of his bass and plays on with the set with a rather smug grin on his face. The release of this new E.P has been high on the agenda for Breaking Satellites, and romping through songs such as Take Flight and We Are The Chosen prove that the energy that is recorded on the record is silhouetted on stage in this amazing and passionate display of raw, powerful music. Breaking Satellites are seemingly an under rated band which also have a strong and loyal following and this gig has done nothing but impress those who weren’t already die hard fans.  


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