Moral Panics support The Crookes @ The Sugarmill

First review, first ever indie gig. First impressions? Rather enjoyable. Kicking things off for south Yorkshire bands Hey Sholay and The Crookes, local lads Moral Panics knew how to start the crowd going. The local 4 piece band experienced a more relaxed scene than that at the Hippy Horror festival last weekend where the band successfully started a mosh-pit. That’s not to say the band was lacking of energy with bassist Charlie determined to go out with a bang on his last show with the band and drummer Eden’s drumstick twirls won’t go without a mention.

The set list was well constructed ending on passionately played number although a shortened cover of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem did feel out of place amongst their other songs. It was also clear that the band has a great established fan base at the Sugarmill, engaging the audience as a collective to sing happy birthday. Moral Panics have announced they shall be returning for round 2 at the Sugarmill as headliners on December 17th!

A quick change brings Sheffield boys Hey Sholay to the stage. Impressive and brought with them their own sound through Liam Creamer’s use of two microphones rather than one, breaking through the well balanced mix. The band sure had skill, but it didn’t seem as if they were pushing themselves to the max. Hey Sholay are currently touring with The Crookes for the next two weeks.

A short break and the familiar sound of a certain Bugsy Malone piano riff filled the Sugarmill… The Crookes took to the stage. This had obviously been what the crowd had been waiting for and The Crookes didn’t just perform on stage, one by one they walked off stage, joining bemused fans on the floor to sing a harmonious acoustic number. Like the support acts, there was not any particular moshing but it is fact that these three bands knew how to get people humming their tunes and swaying side-to-side.




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