Radical’s Rising Presents @ The Sugarmill 15/11/2012

It’s been a year for Radicals Rising already, and to celebrate there was a night full of awesome local talent in local venue the Sugarmill to raise money for the local music shows radio station 6 Towns Radio.  The gig line up consisted of new three piece The Disclosure Project, indie lads The Ruby Dukes, MTV brand new and unsigned nominated Six Towns and bizarre Black Mirrors, with a twist.

Being together for only 3 months The Disclosure Project certainly knows what they are doing. They have a distinct sound, the right attitude and the fundamental part of being in a band – the passion. TDP’s tracks have a solid, genuine structure to them which illustrates they have put effort and hard work into their first appearance at Sugarmill. ‘Lost in Soho’ was a track that stood out with the deep baselines and alternative riffs. TDP have already gathered positivity with their ability to produce exceptional bass and drum solo’s. It’s apparent that they were credited throughout the night and will continue to get credited as their path through the local music scene has just hit the bank of success.

Beers were at the ready, hair was in place and winkle pickers were polished – The Ruby Dukes present themselves, starting with ‘This Town’. Only coming out at the start of the year, these indie rockers have got themselves well known within the local scene with the help of releasing their EP. Their set list was a mixture of new songs and older ones. ‘Girls No Fun’ hear the command of “Take it away Jo Jo” said by Zak. Josh’s guitar solo is immense; all eyes were focused upon him and the mega talent he can create by himself and Ollie on drums. ‘Cut the Shackles’ gives us those catchy chorus lines, “I don’t wanna be the one” which gives that sing-a-long element. Foot pedals add that extra boost to tracks. Rick gave an additional layer of texture to their tracks which indicates uniqueness. The Ruby Dukes end on a popular song ‘LSF’ it got the crowd involved and singing along, it even got Michael singing along. Zak, Rick, Ollie and Josh – get Michael a microphone for Christmas.

It all starts with an intro which currently has no name, the repetitive drum beat created that sense of tension like, what’s going happen next? Liam enters on with ‘Ride’ and his front man attitude fits their rock n roll genre. Josh has an aggressive drum beat which throughout the set is continual so each melody has that powerful backing beat. In each corner and each student you saw there was a camera, the gig was being filmed. Liam’s eyes followed the cameras which followed by air guitar dancing, he just can’t help to entertain. Six Towns have a set cover they enjoy to perform – Led Zeppelin’s 1971 track, ‘Rock n Roll’. It’s a suited track for this newly changed four piece, they are influenced by the most successful, innovative and influential rock groups in history. ‘Asylum’ was a great track to end on. The mixture of the gentle, mysterious melody to the hard hitting rock n roll, was original. Adding the synth gave that extra effect that made an accomplished impression on the very much loved crowd. Talent is jam packed within this band, to get the Sugarmill at complete silence then bring it right back up again is top notch.
It’s been confirmed. Six Towns have had the news. They have made it top 20 in MTV Brand New and Unsigned awards. 

Welcome to the surreal world of The Black Mirrors. The eccentric image and sound of the band makes them a fascination. The energy of the band was unreal; Mark and Paul together create that outlandish yet remarkable stamp on the local music scene. For one night only, Lee Barber gave them a helping hand on bass and don’t forget the Black Mirror essential, of course he had to wear the eyeliner. Jumping on amps, jumping on the drum and jumping into the audience is how lively they are. Jumping into the audience led to a consequence of Paul’s guitar breaking, that didn’t stop him as he never gave it away in his stage presence. The foot pedal and amp became second choice – eerie sounds and the talent created stunned people in amazement. 


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