The English @ The Undeground 17.11.2012

The Underground on Saturday night saw The English headline, with indie boys The Fortunas and strictly sex, drugs and rock n roll lads – Kadence supporting. It may not have had the crowd these three bands wanted but the talent was still there.

Inspired by many of the greatest bands and artists; Kadence hope to bring music back to its roots in a modern way. They did this by putting on an energetic performance with hints of psychedelic now and then and a bit of punk with of course that rock n roll element. After listening to song after song it became apparent that the melodies and vocal together was slightly in the American rock genre. Jak Lancett’s guitar solos were immense the eerie riffs is how I remember Kadence.

Starting with L.O.V.E was exceptional. The aggression and power of the tracks send The Fortunas straight up the flourishing local music path.  Elliot’s vocal is faultless live just as it is recorded; he has that slight accent and drone mixed in. The lead guitar with another guitar with effects adds extra layers of texture which adds an Arctic Monkeys style but with a Fortunas twist. It came to the end of the gig and they went with not a hate in thought by playing  Blood Blister Blues. Bassline within this song is infectious; it stays with you for a long time which just gives away what talent these lads have come back with.

Before I start; hats off to Jak Lancett, who is also in The English as well as Kadence, for playing twice in one night. The English are that original type of band who has their own style, own sound and own views. They played some old tracks and new tracks, one new track in particular, Heartbeats stood out as alot heavier than their normal 80’s alternative indie sound. Covering Be My Baby by the Ronette’s was a lot different from the original. It was more male dominated and it was given a heavier indie interpretation. Horizons had a strong bass line and drum beat that gathered more of a bouncing, enjoyable crowd even so, a member of the audience jumped on stage. This gig was being filmed for The English’s debut music video, keep up to date to watch the live action coverage.


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