Sound Casino E.P Reviewed

Since the launch of ‘It’s Not What You Bet It’s The Shoes You Wear’ at local venue Bad Edit, talk of Sound Casino is at its highest yet.  Sweeny, Ozzy, Elvis, Baker and Don have taken us in a time warp to the late 1940’s, where shouted lyrics, boogie woogie beats, Dop Wop meaningless backing lyrics and light instrumentals were at its highest popularity.

The buzzing of ‘Wasp’ from the electric guitars creates an eerie atmosphere of the track. It’s already 2 minutes into the EP and we’ve been overwhelmed with heaps of energy which seeps from the solid riffs, powerful drum beats and top class vocals.

The Rolling Stone being black and The Kinks being red, take a gamble. The bluesy rock n roll style makes this gamble a probability of impossible of which it is comparable too.  It sounds like a mix between acoustic guitar to start and electric towards the end. ‘Coca Rolla’ has to be the track that highlights the witty lyrics they have created to fit their purpose of entertaining.

Sweeny’s vocal is a rollover on its own, ‘Dance with Me’ shows off his modern rock n roll – Noel Gallagher and vintage rock n roll – Ray Davies, voice.  The impressive, duplicated riffs and solitary drum beat makes an awesome background structure for the track.

Radicals Rising hype chart single – Haze begins with an echo. The echo consists of the repetition of “haze, haze, haze” before it actually kicks in with Ozzy’s powerful beats. Wanting to compare this to a well known track but frankly they have this original sound but with hints of influence.

 Sound Casino is now under new management of Hype Media. Deal the card and roll the dice to see what’s next for these passionate lads. 


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