Six Towns & The Fortunas Christmas Spectacular

The Christmas mood has begun thanks to, three piece, young band – The Current, new-comers – J.D.M and joint headliners The Fortunas and Six Towns.

The youngest band in Stoke’s local music scene were first to open the show, The Current. The seven original tracks they played had a simple baseline that worked together with Chris’s guitar riffs. The talent and confidence Caleb and Chris have together is something to look forward to in the future. The vocal of Chris is the typical indie type voice but he has his own twang to it, which is hard not to love. ‘These Towns’ is their recent single which is popular already. Lyrics were been said, moshing was starting and The Current chanting was taking over. ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ was their cover which, in fact was one that older band Six Towns used to cover. There was no intention of karaoke for these lads they made it their own with spoken lyrics and inventive solo’s. Beats from the drum need more enthusiasm and vivacity to add perfectly with strength of talent from Caleb and Chris.

J.D.M (still unsure that it’s short for) is a new 3 piece rock band. With the entrance of the Orange type amps everyone knew it was gonna be loud. From the first sound to the last J.D.M proved the Sugarmill they have a god gifted sound. Driven beat and enthralling riffs made J.D.M have a successful structure set. Hopefully they are going to release some track and keep spreading their sound.

The sound of The Fortunas is one to adore and never get bored of. ­Elliot’s vocals were difficult to hear but you could still catch the unique twist and distinctive brogue to it. Energy was steaming from these lads as they smashed through each track, locks of hair were flying around and sweat was pouring. There played ‘Count to 3’ an old track which could definitely be put beside a new track and compare the difference of maturity. They play a new song which shows Addison’s guitar skill off in such an immense power that it was a shame The Fortunas left the stage after. 2013 The Fortunas will knock the nail on it head with have the potential to becoming the next big in Stoke.

Foam machine, party poppers, Santa and a new cover. Six Towns went out of 2012 on a sky high scale of rock and roll. Six Towns have that sound that in, say 20 years time, people will still be listening too. The personality and sense of humour of this band is what makes it enjoyable to watch, from Liam’s swag to the friendly banter! Goodbye Led Zeppelin, hello Alex Clare. A complete change in cover but they got the Sugarmill bouncing and everyone singing along. Effects were made to create that indie/ dance impression, it saw a totally different edge to Six Towns and people loved it. ‘For the People’ is a personal favourite. It was former member Jakes track but the current members changed it around and played it exceptionally well. It’s been put off the set list for alot of gigs but honestly the people have missed it. The loved two seconds break down and rise of the overwhelming, intensifying melody was incredible. Michael Tunnicliffe, don’t quit the day job mate. Dressed as Santa in a ripped ‘one size fits all’ Santa suit with a can of Strongbow was not what people were expecting. Slade’s Christmas 1983 track was the Christmas song to end the festive night.


One thought on “Six Towns & The Fortunas Christmas Spectacular

  1. The Current – the best new band on the scene in ages – massive buzz around the new single – looking forward to seeing where the lads go to – Go for it Chris, Caleb + Ben!

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