Moral Panics Christmas Headline @ Sugarmill 17.12.12

Last gig of 2012 for jackpot band Sound Casino, newly changed Emilio Pinchi, laid back four piece – Borders and original band Moral Panics.

Sound Casino shred into their last gig of the year with the best performance yet – from a personal point of view. They kick straight into song after song after song without the talking business which suited their style of personality and attitude. Wasp, Haze and Coca Rolla from their EP, ‘It Not What You Bet It’s The Shoes You wear’ were all played. The difference in sound when you see them is incredible. The different layers of effect that were added and the vocal of Sweeny varied from vintage rock and rolls to modern were awesome. Instrumentals were top class to watch, they all, in unison, do what they do best and by the look of them it reflected on the audience that they were enjoying it, making the most of the talent that have to give. Recluse was the highlight of the night and great track to end. It was all acoustic and slightly Noel Gallagher-est. Then it was smoothly built up into a full band, giving an aggressive more powerful impact that built up more energy.

1st and last gig for Emilio; yes I said 1st. It was the 1st gig for his newly formed band. The amount of change Emilio has now live is unreal. It was great seeing him and his amazing talent as he’s been away at LIPA. He came back to Stoke not empty handed and I’m not talking about the new band but we were also treated his new tracks. I Don’t Know You Now was the first, is has his sweet vocal with that added power behind it, the keyboard, bass and drums make such a magnificent difference. Emilio and his band also played some of his older tracks, Slow Down and Sunday Night. They still have the cute melodies and swaying motion that the audience get infected in – in Emilio’s case that should never go it will always keep his quieter sound. To end the set list Emilio had another new track but this time with a funky groove towards it. The mixture of drum patterns and strong baseline gave Emilio and new, refreshing sound! Cannot wait for the inventive sounds he come outs with in 2013.

The summer EP ‘Joy of Living’ has been played a couple of times but after seeing Borders live it’s raised my expectations of them.  Each to Their Own and Joys of living both had that driven sound which changed now and again and it was likeable. Greg Poole has remarkable stage presence and it makes the gig watchable as well as hearing the indie alterative sound. Glitter bomb is the track that Greg vocals really came through. He has a vocal that is distinctive and there wasn’t a breathed note wrong considering the amount of energy he had.  Borders chucked in a brand new track to end. The aggression that was coming out of the drum and guitar was like screams of enthusiasm.

Entering in complete darkness created a mysterious atmosphere as Moral Panics walked on stage. Head banging was constant throughout the gig as their sound has become more aggressive and heavier than before. These are a band that wants to continually keep changing their sound and never stay the exact same, which was shown that night.  Moral Panics have a new member – Andy and it was his first gig with them. The look and confident signal he is the right man for the job as a Moral Panics guitarist. Baseline is significant in making that alternative, indie, heavy pop sound. Tom on bass is great as his energy is mental. The swift change of LMFAO to Move My Feet was effortless. At times it felt like there was too much going on at one time. Their next single will be Voids; straight away you heard the distinguishing vocal of Daniel Johnson. Sometimes the drum can become a bit too heavy for Dan’s vocals, but most of the time it shows that Moral Panic can go down any path way, and be whoever they wanna be. Movement is a key element in a Moral Panics gig. Their new track that was never heard before is one of them movement tracks. It was funky and had a quirky bass riff to it and repeated compelling drum beats.


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