The Get Alongs @ Sugarmill 21.12.12

Straightaway Staghouse give that stage presence that is similar to those who know of Pulp. They gave that awesome coolness attitude and energy which kept people intrigued all the way through their set. The eccentric funk style kicked off with Four Walls. It had a garage rock sound towards it which saw Adam’s vocals go low and the eerie guitar riffs and heavy beats taking control. Cheer Up Jefford shows off their original, quirky melodies mixed with the creative lyrics with Adam’s garage rock vocal. Covering Johnny Cash and Nancy Sinatra flaunts their influences that come from the 60’s era. They create both covers with aggressive power and twist giving them their own unique style. Rapid track Cherry B was the track that got the crowd going and in all honestly the crowd was pleasing to all bands that night. It was an enjoyable set and it’s been a long time since Staghouse have gigged hopefully they will stay hot in the local scene for 2013.

Originality hits you straight away with Faux Feet and the female singer. Sian’s voice is one to remember as well as her confidence and connection on stage. The talent the band have as a whole is incredible. The build ups and dramatic endings are worth all the time to watch and witness.  Down, shows off the solid catchy choruses that they create. The break down at the end of Down is the highlight of the track; it leaves the audience wanting more.  Battleships gave an idea of the lads talent, the addictive bass, riffs and beats were all fitted together perfectly for a solid background for Sian. These deserve more recognition than they are given.

The Control were representing Scrooge that night and Scrooge they were all night. The image of this band is a bit all over the place, it seems the lead vocalist attitude is a similar attitude a rapper or hip hop artist would have. They genuinely have some good tracks that get their crowd going and creating a mental mosh pit which could be imagined as their greatest dream. Jackpot Head gives away their punk feel of a band with resounding choruses and lyrics that were often shouted instead of sung in a conventional sense, particularly in hardcore styles that The Control produce.

‘We are the Mod’s’ was the chant of the night. The Get Alongs bring along not only their selves but Stoke Mod’s too. Shane was suited and booted for his Christmas spectacular and that didn’t stop his bouncing around, it’s like he saves the energy for months till the moment comes! There was sweat patches, sweaty hair just a quarter the way through, he deserved a well earned sleep afterwards! The quirky lyrics in every song make the gig worth watching. Throughout their last headline of 2012 it came across that front man Shane Davis came across Libertines –EST; mix between indie rock and 1977 style punk rock says it all. Not only was this the last gig for 2012 it was the finally gig for drummer Daniel Aubrey forever, he’s given The Get Alongs addictive beats and a solid persistent background. As always they sing the Stoke City chant and do a cover of Bird is the Word, it gets the crowd even more wild and rowdy than normal. It was nice to see them introducing a new track, Stoke Mods Galore. You could hear the mod genre beats and again that Pete Doherty vocal and style comes through. Welcome to the Life of Working Class is an old track from The Get Alongs, it have the unusual harmonica solo which adds a unique edge to their stereotypical music genre. Just as you thought you were just going to watch the four lads, the stage invasion started. Stoke Mods jumped in singing through the mic’s, people in fancy masks jumped on. It just shows how much love The Get Alongs get from their fans.



One thought on “The Get Alongs @ Sugarmill 21.12.12

  1. Good review – I don’t know all the bands, but it helped me decide if I want to see them in the future.
    It would help if you linked to the bands’ websites if you know them.

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