3’s A Riot Christmas Gig @ Sugarmill 23.12.12

Three bands, all good mates went together and smashed the Sugarmill on Christmas Eve’s Eve.  3’s A Riot, The Motives and Neon Rouge as a group sold out the venue and gave it their last strike of energy to end a successful 2012.

Looking smarter than ever with Jon and Ben in braces and Kieran wearing a fedora, Neon Rouge were looking the business, as said by Radicals Risings own Lee Barber. Their stage presence and stage set up it looks like there were transported from a different era. Every set they do kicks into Beware of the Big Foot which warms the band up and gives the audience an idea of what other creative and innovative sounds will come next.  An older track Not Good Enough gives that early 60s rhythm and blues sound, much like Peter Green a British blues rock artist. Jon Finney since the beginning of the Neon Rouge birth has grown and grown and after his performance he made the majority of the people speechless. It wouldn’t surprise people if this performance this time next year gets seen by millions, hats off Mr Finney. Neon Rouge say, the art is to create an experience and prove in actual fact music is not just music. They proved it exactly right! Have love, Will Travel is a great track to cover. Neon Rouge gave away their garage rock style with a fuzzy guitar, a big driving drum, screaming vocals and the tinkling of the ivories. The excitement in each band members performance was buzzing the audience could tell they were having an awesome time doing what they do best. They have created new tracks that they believed were Bunknall’s finest. Jack Fish again gave away that garage blues sound which gives them a darker side. Front man Kieran Oakes talks about their Hype Chart single – Fitsycuffs having a Grammy and being in top of UK chart 7 times, it shows off their fun personalities with the ironic comment.  Their new single Black Mamba was the star of the show. This track along with the type of snake is dripping venom. As soon as you hear the melody you will never forget it and you will be infected with the sound. It’s amazing how local bands can help each other out; Emily Law from Nuclear Safari added stunning backing vocals to Kieran’s unique vocal. The in depth lyrics and contrast in soothing melody, to full on power topped their 2012 off in full awesomeness. We all ended with the Black Mamba Blues.

The Motives warm the crowd up before they even hit the stage. Their walk on song was rave and that started the mosh pit. Get Out one of their original tracks shows off their genuine indie attitude similar too Alex Turner or even Miles Kane. With this four piece only coming out this year that have gathered a reasonable, appreciated fan base that love them and their music. They are a young band that is still learning. The Motives, as a band, can come across slightly arrogant and overconfident if this carries on it may ruin this indie mainstream loved sound. Alex’s vocals were alot quieter than usually and Will’s confidence and enthusiasm is more of a front man role than Alex. ‘Vacate before it too late’, is their single that is popular with their fans, it’s great to see fans shouting the lyrics back but it was hard to know if The Motives appreciated it. As normal they do their favourite cover, Still Take you Home. It had the sub-genre bass and spiky riffs that appealed instantaneously to punk-minded indie kids after something with true bite – especially after the likes of Keane in the 90s.

As if 3’s A Riot gigs aren’t crazy enough, but it was the last gig before the New Year it was obviously gonna end in some sort of wild way. The band was well and truly in the Christmas spirit. The stereotypical 3’s A Riot indie rock sound has change slightly; Joe and Toby used their foot pedal as much as possible to get the best sound effects to boost the impact of the sound. Each member was energetic and it came across like they were loving every moment of being on the stage for the last time of 2012. 3’s A Riot’s new tracks give them a louder, darker more aggressive edge to indie rock this had begun to push them away from the Arctic Monkeys influence but towards the Led Zeppelin influence. It was great to see Joe, Toby, Dan and Dan playing the older tune I Don’t like Your Tune, it still has the same driven beats and catchy melody and words that people still remember.  They cover Titanium by David Guetta. The electro pop style to this mainstream track was taken away and heavier drums and rock vocals were added, this shows off that 3’s A Riot still have that unique twist to them.  Lose Control went that fanatical there was nearly a stage invasion, this saw the fans at their most extreme.  In The City see’s the fans going absolutely crazy for Lance and his talent for rapping. It has a popular repeated baseline that see’s more enthusiasm come out of the crowd and the band themselves. The foot pedal was at ultimate level which still had the bouncing moshing element. Front man, Joe has a friendly personality that is completely different to their music and the mosh pit; he interacts with the audience and gave them competition. It was battle of the choir during their last track Not Going Home Tonight. It all ended with the biggest Christmassy atmosphere ever, each band that played jumped on stage singing that well known Christmas track by Slade, its Christmas, vibrated through the Sugarmill. It’s lovely to watch bands getting along and sharing their enjoyment together on stage!

Each band have big gigs and big things happening, so watch out in 2013 and see what else Neon Rouge, The Motives and 3’s A Riot come out with.



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