The Ruby Dukes @ Bad Edit 11.01.13

Only forming 5 months ago The Disclosure Project has a solid structured sound. Their single caused some fuss around the room fans, new fans and the other bands all gave positive feedback. The energy of each member is electric; it’s surprising there are only a three piece and can create such a distinguished sound. Front man Mark has the attitude, personality and all importantly the voice. The voice and the melody have an alternative rock twang to it. Some tracks have a rock groove, punk rock, indie rock or a tradition rock and roll style towards it. Alot of people have a good insight to what The Disclosure Project be like at the end of 2013, everything for them is on the up. Instrumentals for this band are absolutely brilliant to watch; one track has an interval instrumental which was immense to witness. Them Were The Days was the last track, it had the stereotypical rock repeated choruses which some fans were singing back, no doubt each member didn’t love that.

Sound wasn’t brilliant but no fault of the band – The Fortunas, but they carried on professionally and with all their passion and enthusiasm. Their popular songs, Blood Blister Blues, Count to 3, LOVE, Communicate and Piranha all had that unique sound. The memorable melodies and Elliot’s voice makes The Fortunas a popular local band to watch and enjoy. The baseline and mixture of guitar effects gave the tracks a depth in creativity. What Elliot would do without a whammy bar, I don’t know. Instrumentals were unbelievable, sweat was appearing as well as, already, a successful 2013.

Firstly, congratulations The Ruby Dukes for making Bad Edit a near to sell out. There was shoulder touching and hardly space for movement – and that was just the band members on stage. Whilst watching this 5 piece I wasn’t sure if I was seeing double, but no, it was just twin dukes Mike and Zak wearing the same clothes.  It seemed like The Ruby Dukes were just playing song after song after song and by the second song they, as a band were buzzing and the performance was far above ground. Up the Dosage saw the famous saying from Zak, “take it away jo jo”. All eyes are on Josh at this point and his magnificent talent in the guitar solo.  Watching the band you can see their sense of humours release in the atmosphere and they have a great relationship on stage which reflects them having fun. The Ruby Dukes are all up for a challenge. Challenge of the night was to play Secret Song acoustically for the first time. They did it. Secret Song was pulled off with people singing back the lyrics and the band sounding professional.
Bands that experiment with their sound and make something new that people have never tried or never dreamt of trying are the ones that go far and get a successful music career. The Ruby Dukes covered About You Now by the Sugababes it is to be said that it was a, “pop-electro-rock masterpiece”, The Ruby Dukes turned it into a pop-indie-rock masterpiece. It had the pop elements with a twist of The Dukes style. Josh took more of a vocalist lead which was more realist as he is a pop indie influenced lad. 2013 is a new year which means new tracks. Again The Ruby Dukes had their creative, experimental heads on.  Paper Sunset saw another sound come out, it was intense to watch all their effort and passion go into it. There was a mixture of guitar effects from Rich and Josh, Mike was fanatical on bass, Zak’s vocal and energy suited the melody and ultimately, hats off to Ollie, a young drummer that since being with the band has matured in his drumming and gave the track a powerful rhythm and background. New single Submarine (Love Is My Fame) walks the local’s music scene path with pride and creativity. The mixture and change of melodies is one to remember and sing-a-long to. As well as the melody changing so had Zak’s unique vocals. A band to look out for in 2013 for definite!

Lucee Clarke