Delamere Headline The Sugarmill 01.02.2013

Despite being together as a band for only one and a half years, from the moment that The Rebellion started playing, it was clear that the band intend on sticking around for a lot longer than that. With a set full of dirty bass solos and buckets of energy, The Rebellion certainly set the show off with a bang.

Only three songs into the set, the bassist of the band, Andy Robinson, went topless for the rest of the set and that combined with his amazing bass playing (which has to be the best I have seen in a long time) definitely made the start of a gig to remember. The band have a rock ‘n’ roll feel running through their songs as well as their covers but they also bring a modern twist which also makes all of their songs sound a little different and quirky.

The vocalist, Danny Bowers has an amazing energy on the stage as well as a 1950’s twang to his voice. Regardless of the fact that the drummer is almost ten years younger than the eldest member of the band, Charlie proved tonight that he could certainly keep up with the rest of them as he kept the band together with definitive drum beats throughout. The last song ‘Settle Down’ really showcased the ability of their guitarist, Pezz as his talent really shone through.  This band will definitely be one to watch this year as with such a unique sound to their music, I’m sure they will be popping up everywhere.


Youtha were next on the bill, and although I have never seen them live before tonight, they did not disappoint. Every song was clearly very well rehearsed and they had a very full and strong sound which easily filled the room. All of the band (particularly the drummer, Matthew Jones) were very into the gig and were clearly enjoying the atmosphere and being onstage.

The band played really well live; the set was tight and also the song, ‘Black and Blue’ sounded amazing as they added a lot of echo to the microphones which gave it a totally different sound to that on  a recording.


Delamere headlined the night, in celebration of the release of their single ‘Vampire’ which was played flawlessly towards the end of the set. The build up to the start of the set was very mysterious and certainly set the tone for their time on stage. Every member of the band was contributing to the overall sound and there were so many layers going into the music. There was also a subtle tribal sound to a couple of the band’s songs which only made it more interesting to listen to.

With every song the sound of the band changed again and again, adding even more mystery to who influences the band (I later found out that it was in fact The Foals and Biffy Clyro!) but the thing that seemed to piece all of the sounds together was James’ soft yet powerful vocals. Between all of the band members, it was obvious that the communication was good and that there was also meaning behind the music, that they had put a lot of thought into both writing and rehearsing each song.

The harmonies in the backing vocals that came from the guitarist, Ashley, really added a sort of different texture to the sound; the contrast between the vocals and instrumentals were great as there was a balance of both heavy and soft. Throughout the set they really engaged the audience and maintained an original sound.


Molly Gould


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