Chasing Traits @ The Sugarmill 08.02.2013

Leaving Nebraska have been around since 2009 and have had an EP and recently an album out. After watching and listening to their set, it gave away that they have a 90s grunge feel to them. Soft tempos from the acoustic rhythm guitar mixed with the intensity of bass highlights an influence from alternative indie. One thing that stands out in Leaving Nebraska is the significant bass throughout the tracks. It’s give that punch in their mellow melodies.

Recently reunited; Molotov Revival ignited the stage and ended with an eruption.  Repetitive, likeable melodies create that stereotypical rock structure. Molotov Revival has been around seen 2007 and it’s awesome to see them with such active energy on stage, there passion after all those years is still in their performance. A new track, Bermuda Triangle had that solid background beat from Will, as well as a groove from Tom on bass which provides the rhythmic foundation and harmonic foundation of the track. Phil’s vocals were intense and not overpowering, effects were added which gave the background of his vocals a darker unique edge.

First appearance at the Sugarmill for this psychedelic rock n roll band Psyence, and they certainly don’t disappoint. A crowd was gathered, eyes were fixed and Beanstalk kicked in. The recent addition is Piglet on keys; this makes an impressive impact to the endowed music they create. Not only do Psyence bring along talented noise but they bring along a visual factor; Piglet dancing, Joe head banging and Steve’s magnificence on his guitar. The difficulty these lads go through to make the tracks what they are is incredible. The newest single Brother it was Just a Dream proves again the quality they can make on stage and live. Flying Lotus had a rhythm and pattern in the lyrics which got the audience moving. Pedals are everything when Psyence play a gig and one pedal that is listened to and adored the most is the delay on Steve voice. They are a band that has begun exceptional well. Wounded Pigeon always gets my stunned how they have created it. The change of pace from medico space psychedelic to upbeat 90s rave is bizarre. To end the gig Joe and Steve show that they have a strong, committed passion for music together as them, in synch. finish it off on a high.

Atmospheric contemporary rock band; Chasing Traits entered in complete darkness which created that mysterious atmosphere which describes them as a band. I like how these as a band have collected influences from many different genres and can put them together in their music; delicate sounding intros which led into a raucous melody without a stumble in-between is clever. Vocals on this particular gig weren’t as great as I thought they would be. Nerves may have been an issue with the lead vocalist as it felt uncomfortable to watch. On a positive aspect the bass player had a camera on his guitar so he made the most of his performance and it gave Chasing Traits that little bit of personality. Enigma is the recent single that is currently on number 1 in the Hype Chart on Radicals Rising. The twinkly guitar sounds and fluttering drum beats highlights that these are an alternative progressive band. It was much loved by the audience as their repeated outro was sung back at them.

Lucee Clarke


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