The John MacLeod Band @ Bad Edit 22.02.2013


For such a small and hidden away venue, the room is packed full of chatty and lively people all waiting eagerly for a much anticipated gig. Frank Cerioni kicked off the night with his softer sounding music which filled the venue with no problem. There was a lot of depth to his sound for one man with a guitar and there was a good variation of tempos throughout his set.

Delamere were to follow on this bill; with an energetic and lively set which seems to be a guarantee at their gigs .All of the band members seem to really get into the music and it is obvious how much emotion has gone into writing their songs. The way all of the instruments work together creates a really unique sound along with James’ powerful vocals. As usual, the harmonies coming from the guitarist and backing vocalist, Ashley were great; the band clearly work hard as a team to create and shape their sound as a band through a balance of instrumentals and lyrics.

The John Macleod Band is fronted by none other than John Macleod himself, a friendly and confident front-man with a clear passion for what he does. The band had a quite old-school/retro sound which was really interesting to listen to and the drummer, Angela Lazenby, was really impressive. The synth really added an extra level to the music and rounded off their sound as a band; the audience seemed to be really engaged with the band. There was a nice mix of instrumentals within the music but I would have liked to have heard a little more variation in the tempo of the songs that they played, having said that I really enjoyed the slightly heavier song that they played towards the end of their set. There is some really good talent within the band and it was clear that they were well rehearsed and got on well together as the dynamics between them created a great atmosphere for the audience.



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