The Current @ Bad Edit 1.03.13

Fans came in their adequate numbers, younger than me. Some may say it was a school disco but with alcohol on the side.  Gaggle of girls and swarms of lads were soon taking over Bad Edit and nearly the stage.

Alt-rock acoustic artist, Monster I am started the hectic night off. He was joined by fellow musician from Chasing Traits, Brad. Adding extra depth with a guitar, added extra volume, making Monster I am fall into the category of the alternative rock scene. Dream of LA kicked his set off; the folk pop vocal descends from his influence, Band of Horses. God Dam, even on live radio sounded great, but live, the real power and emotion storms out his lyrics. Even Dan caught on to the age difference in the crowd, “Looking at you, I feel old”.

Straight away from the entrance of Junction 16, they have a confidence of a positive pop punk band. Female vocalist straight away sets of that distinctive alarm. Apologise had a mix match melody, the tempo was a bit over the place; however it started the mosh pit off creating a vast hyper atmosphere. Covering, Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson showed Lauren’s pop star attitude. Another cover was Move My Jagger which the majority of the crowd knew and were, no doubt moving to the catchy beats and shouting the well known lyrics. Back to the Town was an original track, and the track that Liam’s bass stood out. It gave Junction 16 a funky indie vibe. Jessie J was another cover which went extremely well with the young crowd who loved every minute of these mainstream covers.

Chris, Caleb and Ben have being waiting for this time for weeks. It was unreal how hyperactive and buzzing these lads were. Hair gelled in place; fans at the ready and set list written, The Current were ready. Despite the bad co-operation of the venue The Current tried not it let it get to them and went ahead with full passion and commitment. 730 kicked the set off, The Current may only play simple sounds but in years to come it’s looking to be a solid structured sound.  Instrumentals have got better over time as well as their maturity of attitudes. Ben on drums is the youngest, in no ways being patronising, he needs that strike of confidence and boost of creativity in experimenting with different sounds. Caleb shows his talent though original track Take me into the Night, drums took an exit from cymbals and put The Current on the edge of indie rock with addition of subtle waves of electric guitar. I think I think Too Much, was a typical bouncy indie track. Fans were bouncing in unison as Caleb performs a Jamaica heritage Ska outro. Average indie cover, Not Nineteen Forever had everyone singing along. Caleb joined the audience, supporting partner Chris at his solo. Hype Chart No.1, These Towns was dedicated to their external connection and friends, The Motives. When the audience sing the lyrics for Chris is must make the band feel like they’re doing something right. Last track Just Keep Dancing was dedicated to one of their fans, the witty lyrics makes The Current have a band personality and sense of humour.



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