Fieldgood Festival 02.03.13

Tom Machin, new to my manuscript of local music took to the stage rather intimately; him, his guitar and appearances of a harmonica. An acoustic indie vibe, with strokes of a bluesy, Jake Bugg feel. Tom experiments with several long pieces that build to mesmeric momentum. The occasional bluesy slide slips in bizarrely like a dashing light of colour amidst buzzing droning pluses. Poker Face by Lady Gaga, was given a more emotional, subtle tone. Brilliant.

A complete turnaround to Dead Format, James unravels Dead Eyes. Listening to Dead Eyes you expect to see an orchestra set band, however, he is a one man band. Right foot on a tambourine, left foot on a wooden block, harmonica at his neck, his guitar and the voice all in one, and he makes it look easy.  Lyrical blues intellect; short simple structure followed with a rhythmic talk melody. The repetitive line of lyrics gives an injection of passion. Creativity was at its highest with James, depending how deep the guitar rhythm is, there was a change in harmonica sounds. The set was cut seriously short, he completed this impressive performance with Praise you.

Nerves, lyrics on the floor and a new member; Thee Terrace start with Tell Tale Town. With the new member playing acoustic guitar, as well as Kieran and Adam playing guitar, it seemed like there was too much going on. Covering Lightning Bolt was in the hands of new member Danny, controlling the jolting rockabilly, retro rhythm. Shinning of the light, Dying of the Light? Noel Gallagher? A new track, In Your Mind has a psychedelic indie ambiance. Smashing cymbals, tight bass and witty lyrics all together have the potential to be a decent track. That’s Entertainment, the cover of The Jam, brings to my attention that Dan’s harmonies should be more than just harmonies. He has a good vocal for the driving rhythms and chiming electric guitar. Running, written by Kieran and previously sung by him was changed. Adam took the lead and sung whilst looking at the lyrics. Making no connection with the audience doesn’t make a friendly atmosphere which at a gig is an essential. My Generation is their typical cover, the energy created was eccentric and the noise was somewhat frenzied. My Generation is a track that only The Who can create such a positive vibe, that atmosphere just wasn’t there.

4 songs were the amount The Ruby Dukes had to play. Come Show me Love, Love is my Fame/Submarine, Up the Dosage and Paper Sunset. Love is my Fame/Submarine sees Josh at his high with backing vocal; his voice has a real vibrant twang that slots faultlessly with the power of Zak’s voice. Every time The Ruby Dukes perform an instrumental it’s always mesmerizing to watch, Rich and Josh together create that backing indie sound, there is a strong bass that keeps it tied together and the repetitive drum beat that keeps it constant and addictive. Paper Sunset a new track has an eerie melody which trips towards psychedelic indie; Olly was becoming uncontrollable in the outro and the energy brushed off onto the audience – who were loving everything minute of the extremely short set.

Sound Casino, despite again a short set weren’t stopped from putting on a performance. How they utilize the technique of shifting between quiet verses and loud choruses create that atmosphere that people want to feel and see. It is a clear atmosphere with flashes of that genuine rock and roll image, the interaction and confidence of the band hooked onto the audience for the entire set.  The boogie woogie beats and light instrumental have grown into a darker, dynamic rock machine with a powerful engine room. Beats saw a more aggressive tone from Sweeny’s vocals which layered the mini guitar solos that saluted Sound Casino for their ingenuity. With Sound Casino breaking through with a twist on their previous sound we heard a slight touch of hard blues and pinch of funk formed by the cheeky bass line, this is complemented by the wittiness of Sweeny’s lyrics that makes the track loveable. Dirty Dusty Stereogram their recent single; Ozzy is unbelievable on drums and doesn’t over power with the cymbals making it a solid track leaving the muscles in your body to decide the answer to good or bad.



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