The John Macleod Band, The Nanateas and Dead Radio Society Radio, Joint Headline @ Full Moon 15.03.13

Despite the doors opening at eight for this gig, it was good hour and a half before the sound-check was complete and the gig began. The John Macleod Band were first on the bill and filled the room with their chilled out, retro sound. The band really seemed to grow as the set went on, seeming more at ease with every song that they played. A lively performance from all of their members and a melodic, rounded and well rehearsed sound.

 Up next were The Nanateas who have such a unique sound, almost as if they have Hawaiian influences imbedded into their clean sound and bluesy vocals. Every song seemed to be totally different with some really clever backing vocals and harmonies. There was a good sense of musicianship throughout the band and they put a lot of energy into their set.

 They definitely returned with style at their comeback gig; Dead Radio Society took the stage by storm with their sudden start to their set. It is very obvious that the band know their sound and where they want to be from their definitive style and the energy that they all performed with. From the polished songs to the variation in tempo, Dead Radio Society have really nailed their sound. Every member of the band and every instrument served a purpose and added to the depth of the music and it really worked well together live.



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