Bison and Wolf EP Review

Their debut EP is packed with new and interesting material from the Staffordshire based quartet. Their sound has not altered much from their previous tracks but it does have a more polished and revamped tone to it; it is clear that they have matured and progressed as a band.

The EP has five full length tracks and each song has a different feel to it; five very different and well written songs which all possess intricate guitar riffs and smooth, melodic vocals with a mixture of gritty bass and striking, punchy drums.

My personal favourite track off the EP is, ‘Take’ with its heavier intro that builds up with the layers of the different instruments and the vocals sitting on top of all that. The smooth vocals are a good contrast to the somewhat dirty sounding bass riffs that underlay throughout the track. The harmonies work well within the song and add even more depth to the already full and rounded sound of the band. 

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