The Rivalry @ Fat Cats Cafe Bar 30.03.2013

After a lengthy wait and with much anticipation, The Alcucinors Acoustic Duo take to the stage in Fatcats. Their soft and easy tone filled the room and they were very much a crowd pleaser with their mellow and breezy songs plus a cheeky Beatles cover. The shared vocals of the two boys, Dave Hannah and Jake Kimberley work well together to create their unique sound; which mixed with the two guitars creates harmonious and broad music.
Dirty Rotten Souls were up next and what can I say? Dirty by name and dirty by nature; their gritty sound and deep bass guitar riffs really scream out to the audience. The drums were slightly overpowering at times and the vocals got slightly lost along the way but it was a tight performance and I liked how their set was continuous and the songs were linked together through bass riffs; it really kept the audience listening.
The Ruby Dukes have a really good connection with each other, which is clear from their stage presence and musicianship. With a strong intro and intricate guitar riffs the set had a good pace and the layers of the music really shone through.
The Rivalry were the headline act of the night and they definitely gave the most lively performance of the evening. They all have a really good sense of musicianship and their catchy and repetitive choruses really got the audience going, it was obvious that both the band and the audience were there to have a great time. Strong and hard vocals came from Rob Hawthorne and the set was definitely well rehearsed as the band had a very much polished sound.



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