Six Towns EP Welcome To Asylum

Plans are going to be made distinct for this rock’n’roll band during 2013. With this recorded EP, it will start their musical year off with a storm of love and interest. Being nominated for the MTV Brand New and Unsigned award has put a spring in their musical step; scattering more than just these six towns of Stoke-on-Trent.

From the first one and half minutes you are intoxicated by; the intense repetitive drum beat and eerie guitar riffs. Up, up and up, Stop the World builds, it builds at a highest point, a point where it becomes uncontrollable to imagine, and then a swift fall towards Matt on bass which questionable is the time to go mental. (Plus Liam’s queue to walk on stage) Gritty vocals give Six Towns that mighty rock’n’roll stamp on their musical CV. ‘Da da da da daaaa’ repeating, makes it a catchy rock anthem.

Sharp drumming, concise riffs both organised in a repeated call and response effect, it’s Mistress Mysterious. Anthem approached poetic lyrics. Oasis-like; simple, memorable and genius. Harmonies from bassist Matt slot into Liam’s vocals faultlessly.

Jack the Ripper transports us back to the late 80’s earlier 90’s when rock and rave fanatics would jump in a muddy field and enjoy the music intensify after the next alcoholic drink. The punk inspired indie boom sound is created by the endless indie strumming that keeps the trusty six strings in full view. Liam and Matt’s vocals have a genuine attitude as well as their stage presence live. The constant whisk up of both voices is high sophisticatedly bound together.

Asylum alienates the musical avalanche they create through the last 3 songs. The computerised speech and sighs of keyboard jolt Six Towns in a collision with electronic rock, yet the driven beats, smashing cymbals, contagious riffs; forceful bass fastens  them securely on the rock basis configuration It’s every rockist inclination to initiate their adventure along Six Towns way. Six Towns have let their guard down and dissolved this track into a freak out prolonged passage which climax’s before continuing to that casual facade and fantasy driven, enthusiastic talent. 



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