Jar Music Live presents Midlands “One’s To Watch” @ O2 Birmingham 13/04/13

Jar Music Live Presented Midlands best “Ones To Watch” 13th April. Acts like; Big Tent and The Gypsy Lantern a folk indie band, Neon Rouge a blues band, Post Descartes a progressive rock, The Ruby’s an indie band, Fake Obsession a rock band, The Concept a rock band, The Ruby Dukes an indie rock band and Thousand Fingers a melodic rock band all graced the O2 academy stage. With a range in style and sound, each personality in the room was in for a treat.

A band full of guitars, timbales, ukuleles, squeeze boxes, trumpets, electronics and array of percussion was sure to catch people attention as they walked through the door. Big Tent and The Gypsy Lantern is a folk indie band that creates beautiful textures of sounds to deliver one that is surely unique. Big Tent and The Gypsy Lantern have made it into the 120 long list of Glastonbury emerging talent competition, good luck lads!

Neon Rouge was just one of the bands from Stoke to hit this line up. They stood out like a sore thumb but in a sense of they were unique to the genres played that night. New tracks like Venus Flytrap and Break Jaw Blues have a contrasting sound to previous tracks such as; Fistycuffs. Lyrics, bass and riffs have stepped up in maturity. They go recording 21st April, keep them eyes peeled for Venus Flytrap and share it.

An alternative take on rock, Post Descartes show off their mixed genre tracks, the techno sound came as a shock from the image of this band but they succeeded in it. 1st June is there EP release date and they have a new video on You Tube. Post Descartes are an interesting band to watch.

From Manchester, The Ruby’s have that stereotypical indie rock sound. Their debut album, Limelight Parasite had alot of positive feedback, after listening to them live, it became apparent why. The Ruby’s have that catchy indie riff that gets your head bobbing. With a stable fan base, this Manchester based band look successful in gaining a national maybe worldwide fan base.

Rock band, female fronted, Fake Obsession didn’t tickle my music taste buds but they certainly have people loving them. Heads were rocking out and echoes of the lyrics were shouted. As for supporting McFly they are getting their name known already. They have a professional music video which is sure to be checked out if you like a sort of heavy rock and female vocal together.

An EP recently released The Concept show off their heavy pop rock sound. Having big name gigs they are have been forever growing stronger. From influences like You Me At Six and Coldplay you can imagine the catch pop riffs and heavier vocals and drums. Catch them next at Lechlade Fest, May 24th.

As if Road to Blissfields wasn’t good enough, The Ruby Dukes left Birmingham on high note. Energy, confidence and raw talent never stops during each track. After alcohol had intoxicated most of The Ruby Dukes fans it was the wildest yet loved crowd of the night. Tracks such as; Love is my Fame (Submarine) and Come Show Me Love have catchy lyrics which majority of people in the academy sung along too. Newest track Paper Sunset always – without a doubt leaves a, ‘The Ruby Dukes were here’ stamp and this time, Birmingham. Next shows; supporting Bromheads 26th April then Catfish and Bottlemen at Full Moon 10th May.

Thousand Fingers the heaviest of the night managed by Fearless Managers weren’t my cup of tea but for those heavy rockers they took the roof off. They are coming up to a week tour with some awesome English and Welsh dates on from the 22nd April to 27th April. Their debut EP Memory is good to download if you like a good rocking out.




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