Record Day @ Music Mania And Alfa 9 @ The Sugarmill 20.04.2013

It was Record Store Day; to celebrate, Music Mania had array of local musicians playing acoustic sets in the daytime. Vellocet and Alfa 9 were two of them. It was hard to imagine the spaghetti strings of psychedelia in Vellocet acoustically; but they pulled it off in a way no one could have done. Alfa 9 gathered a healthy crowd to entertain and promote the new album, Gone to Ground.

 Night time arose and Record Store Day was being celebrated at The Sugarmill with Kadence kicking the night off. The shared vocals throughout the set gave two different sides to Kadence. One is more of a 70s rock howling scream whereas the other is more mellow but hints of gritty rock. Kadence seem to give off this American, cocky vibe whenever I watch them; the language, the sunglasses and their attitudes sum it up. Kadence throughout On the Run have good guitar control from Jak Lancett but the drumming becomes too powerful for their guitar/bass melody.

Amps up full blast, guitar pedals at the ready, drum kit in place and electric bass on. Vellocet were back to normal. You know a band is quality when they start with an instrumental and still grab the audience. Nimbus which has been recently recorded again by Vellocet fixated all eyes upon themselves and their talent. Tracks such as Through the Barrel and Cosmic Blues have solid psychedelic, rock, gritty melodies and vocals. Cosmic Blues has an awesome fixed structure which Vellocet have experimented with; listening to the newer tracks gets me wondering what this up and coming album will sound like. Kaleidoscope isn’t just a title of a song it’s a description too. If you didn’t think Vellocet were mesmerizing enough, this sends you to another dimension with a staggering hike, massive kick of music then pushes you over the edge into a world only real music lovers get locked up in. Despite the crowd not being a sell out, they adored this four piece, and after the peak of Sahara it came to an unexpected end. Echoes of an encore didn’t persuade the Sugarmill but quality set to say the least.

Having a longer set than others, Alfa 9 play tracks from Gone To Ground and debut album Then We Begin. Opening the set with El Morocco highlights the concept of their talent in harmonies and mixing genres and eras together- faultlessly. Alfa 9, from watching their old tracks too, including; For Your Bones and Deadman shows the increasing sophisticated experimentation Alfa 9 create from influence to folk, country, psychedelia and indie. Old Man Blues will always be my personal favourite. The 60s bluesy, pop, folk feel, guitar skill, randomness of lyrics is similar to The Beatles and so amazing to see Alfa 9 at their best. Seedless, the former Radicals Rising Hype Chart number 1 is beautiful; harmonies are like a piece of silk that adds comfort to your whole body.


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