Bromheads @ Sugarmill 26.04.13

For a fairly new band, Native Tropics have gathered a healthy fan based and a structured ‘indie’ sound. With abstract and cryptic themes within the witty lyrics, Arctic Monkeys come to mind as a main influence.  With Luke’s hair gelled in place and everyone cramped on only half of the Sugarmill stage it was a watchable performance. There is likeliness for these loveable, yet unidentified foursome, their striking personalities seep either through their skill or look, things are looking high for Native Tropics, as it you would be if you put vodka in your teacup.

After witnessing The Ruby Dukes numerous times over the past month, Road to Blissfield’s, Birmingham 02 and this gig, each time they steal the show and give the crowd something to remember as well as a new vibrant shirt and a pair of Chelsea boots. As The Ruby Dukes got the biggest crowd of the night, it got a more buzzing atmosphere going on. Each duke has a different style; it gives that punch of originality in the Stoke-on-Trent music scene. Paper Sunset deserves hats off each time they perform. Energy is pulsating. Melody is intense.

Initially, Bromhead Jackets now Bromheads, headline the Sugarmill; 2 males, 1 guitar, 1 drum, big sound. The pair definitely left behind their raucous reputation for everyone to remember. Killer riffs, distorted beats and clever lyrics. Poppy Bird was a track the majority of the crowd knew and loved. The Ruby Dukes have a new profession – Bromhead’s backing singers. Throughout the set, front man, Tim had an amicable sense of humour and personality which gave Bromheads a diverse approach; one to rock out too and one to laugh around with.



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