Delamere @ Bad Edit 21.06.2013

A military like drum beat fills the cosy venue that is Bad Edit. It comes from Gravity Dave and their raucous, heavy sound really marks the start of the night. I was beginning to think that the band had only one genre to offer, but they soon proved me wrong as they eased into their set and their songs grew more varied and interesting. The depth of their songs was something to be admired and with constant crescendos, they are definitely a band to watch out for. 

A band that would be the love child of Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian; Borders took to the Bad Edit stage, with Greg’s waling vocals and a meaty bass line, it is a great combo for their punchy songs and repetitive melodies which soon got the audience going. In parts of the set, they did seem to lack lustre as a band, whether that was because of the small audience I do not know. Luke the drummer seemed to be really into the music, as he thrashed his stick against the cowbell repeatedly. Overall, it was a good set, and they made great support for the evening. 

The way that the sound check built up and into the actual performance was really intriguing and added a friendly touch to the band from the word go, from that moment on, their electric layered sound set the little venue alive, sending the whole audience into a turmoil of effortlessly cool music. 

All of that aside, Delamere are in the running for a spot at Green Man Festival 2013. The Leek based Alt Indie band are raking in the votes to play at this mighty little Welsh festival this August. 

The energy of the quad is something to be admired, as it does not even drop for a second that they are on stage. Lead singer, James Fitchford gets his drum out, no that’s not a strange euphemism; the unmistakable tribal sounding drumming starts that is so very clearly a Delamere trademark. The band all have the same attack and passion in their playing which is something that seems to be so hard to come by nowadays. 

An original sound, well structured songs, and a certain depth and balance between upbeat and soft pieces really made for an enjoyable performance. It is also a rarity when at a live performance, that the band sounds just as good live as they do on recordings, but for Delamere, they seem to pull the whole thing off with such ease and fluidity that they could easily be a signed, touring, fully fledged band, which poses the question why are they not already? 

To help Delamere on the way to Green man festival, vote for them at


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