Sound Casino E.P Metropolis Reviewed by Molly Gould

Since forming in 2011, Sound Casino have come a long way and from this E.P it is clear that they have found their sound. The ambiguous introduction to the first track, ‘Keep on Losing’ gives nothing away to the bands new and punchy sound, but the crescendo into the song makes one thing clear, they are back with a vengeance. Each song on the E.P has a different vibe running through it, from frantic drum beats to harsh, grungey guitar riffs, each song has something new to offer. The last song, ‘Light’ has almost an exotic sound, due to the combination of an intricate guitar opener and the percussion throughout the song. With catchy lyrics and backing vocals in all four songs on the E.P, and a mix of fast paced urgency and calmer, softer sounds, it really showcases all of the bands abilities as both individuals and as a solid unit. The whole feel of the music is polished and hard hitting; there is a real gap in the market for a band with such versatility and clear passion running through even their backing vocals. Sounds Casino are definitely a band to watch out for and who knows what the rest of the year will have in store for the talented, indie-garage foursome.