Vellocet headline Sugarmill 19/10/13

Taking on the old style of Miles Kane and Alex Turner, The Personas open the night full of varied talent.  They have that predictable image, one that tells you the style of music they are. Covering, Lonely Boy by The Black Keys shows the array of genres they can develop. The brutal rockabilly melody was a complete switch around from their bouncing indie riffs. I’d like to see which road; the personas take as a band in the future.

With influences ranging from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Arctic Monkeys and Blink 182, Rebel Attire have their own spin on a genre to music. The bass throughout the set became the strongest element to the band, the indie story telling lyrics fitted well with the simple drum beats and together as Rebel Attire they know what sound they want to create. There single on the Radicals Rising hype chart, Dancing with the Devil was eccentric to see live. The mammoth solo saw Rebel Attire of the stage with applaud from audience.

Malkovich Malkovich, gathered a solid fan base for a band from outside of the local area. By the way they entered the stage, the way they performed, their attitude; Malkovich Malkovich are very nearly of the edge of making it. The strong indie rock vibe that was created continued constantly throughout. Energy was immense; everyone in the Sugarmill loved a bit of Malkovich Malkovich, ones to look out for.

The day had finally arrived, the day Vellocet release Cosmic Blues, a track which Vellocet have been working on for some time now. The experimental element of Vellocet is what makes me speechless. The new music has a bit of that, a bit of this all mixed together to make this melancholic rock and roll disposition into each masterpiece. Follow me down has to be a new favourite of mine. The theme takes on a mysterious Alice in Wonderland style, “Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves.” , Vellocet have this talent that every note played whether it’s bass, guitar, drum or lap steel guitar,  seems to take care of itself in a perfect sense that amuse the crowd. Forever a treasure, Sahara still has a massive impact on the audience. The reason why everyone was there; Cosmic Blues, the catchy melody and psychedelic, rock and roll virtuoso intelligence makes this track a great audience catcher. Typical Fat Boy Slim cover Right Here Right Now and Prodigy (which Rob from Fool’s Paradise joined) gave an Ibiza nightclub vibe. The vivacity and catchiness everyone loved! “Best band in Stoke on Trent” Rob Deacon howls from the stage to conclude the set.



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