Twisted Wheel @ Full Moon 25/10/13

Home-grown, up and coming, talented 4-piece; Pickering White are rapidly mounting popularity since embarking on gigging earlier this year. And as they emerged on stage at The Full Moon, their enticing sound got an eventful night underway. Pickering White integrate a fiercely potent combination of Rock’n’Roll guitar and drum loops countered with Jennifer Pickering’s tranquil, angelic like voice; all this, sprinkled with an undertone of the blues, making apparent the reason for their recent surge in notability within the Stoke-on-Trent area. From the handful of songs performed on the night, my respective pick from the bunch was ‘Keep on Believin’ for its atmospheric vocal which echoed and vibrated throughout the venue, generating a humbling chill in the air. Pickering White have not long ago released EP ‘Bullet To The Sun’ and frequently gig locally, so keep an eye out for Stoke’s very own revolutionary rockers!

The Ruby Dukes were apt support for anticipated headliners Twisted Wheel, as the local indie-rock outfit stormed on stage to a warm welcome from their resident fan base, kicking off an animated 45 minute set. The Ruby Dukes truly master the indie genre by harmonising hard-hitting psychedelic guitar riffs, which vibrate and tremble the foundations of the building; against a commanding but smooth trademark indie vocal, reminiscent of Liam Gallagher. This sound is accompanied by an ever dominant stage presence which exudes their energetic personalities, complemented by an impressive repertoire of songs, however, from all of them; ‘Submarine’ was my undisputed favourite of the evening for its Rock’n’Roll build up and punchy chorus, characteristic of their style. The Ruby Dukes are a real ‘gem’ amongst the rising musical talent of Stoke-on-Trent, delivering a fantastic live performance; and are a definite essential for any indie fan to see.

Opening with ‘Lucy the Castle’ Twisted Wheel rendered The Full Moon quite literally full, appearing on stage under the array of lights they soon heard the full throttle of their Stoke following; with “Wheel” chanted repetitively throughout almost the entirety of the set. ‘Ride’ was played shortly after and proceeded to erupt the crowd into a symphony of clapping and fits of jumping which the Mancunian 4-piece seemed to relish in their energetic performance. Twisted Wheel achieve a sound of indie-rock infused with shades of punk so flawlessly through their robust guitar riffs and Jonny Brown’s iconic voice. Possibly the standout example of this during the course of the night was: ‘We Are Us’ which was my personal highlight of the evening, due to similarities in style you could pick from the likes of Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Smiths. This for me makes Twisted Wheel an absolute must see and with dates in Crewe, Sheffield, Nottingham and Manchester this forthcoming November and December, not catching them would be a ‘Wheel’ miss.



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