The Black Widows and Scott Powell @ The Glebe 29/10/13

On what was a bitterly crisp Tuesday evening, Scott Powell’s warming performance was fitting, the acoustic maestro was first to grace the Glebe, his harmonic and peaceful voice paired with the subdued guitar appeared effortlessly versatile as Scott commenced his set compiled of covers. From The Killers to The Beatles, Scott Powell can reproduce any song with vibrant elegance through his signature approach. However from all the hits, his cover of Coldplay’s record ‘Fix You’ is my personal pick for how he left the base of the song untainted whilst still merging it with a rugged acoustic sound.

Soon following after was country six piece The Black Widows who are developing a relatively large local fan base since releasing debut album; ‘Love & Lust’ earlier this May. And as the headliners got underway they instantaneously became the focal point, exhibiting their abundance of musical flair and oozing stage personality. Through the use of multiple instruments and encompassing elements from various genres, The Black Widows embrace folk and country rock music to its fullest and embody it in their stage prowess. A faultless example of this from the night, and my highlight was ‘Small Town Queen’, which appears sinister in the first verse but then uplifted during the chorus and throughout the rest of the piece, evoking raw emotion from start to finish. The Black Widows gig regularly in Stoke-on-Trent, and have recently gigged at The Eagle Inn in Manchester, so look out for them on their website.



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