The Get Alongs headline @ Underground 30/11/13

Gripping local 4 piece Rebel Attire were enthused in seizing the stage upon opening with the characteristic indie-rock sound of ‘Nostalgic Hangover’; with its initial suppressed and controlled guitar riffs which compile in anticipation of the tracks commendably forceful chorus, complemented by a poetic lyrical master class, a factor consistent in all of their music in which Politics assume a fundamental role, and in effect making their potential appeal widespread. Since forming earlier this year, Rebel Attire have established a continuously rising collection of music and one track from their set which exhibited their caliber particularly was ‘Paranoia’; its subdued but sublime melodic qualities extracted from various genres such as Blues and Alternative-Rock spring Craig Key’s raw vocal to the forefront and leave audiences enamored by its sheer exuberance. Rebel Attire has three forthcoming gigs this December and following the New Year in early January, so with plenty of chance, missing them would be a crime; ‘Rebellious’ even!

Astonishment transmitted throughout The Underground as a scramble of six accomplished musicians were compacted on stage, despite forming only this year they have swiftly developed into a pivotal asset to Stoke-on-Trent’s local music scene. Logical Drama infuse and integrate numerous tiers of sound and influences from genres; resulting in a diverse compound of atmospherically psychedelic rock with a twist. Logical Drama’s music is ever more compellingly intensified through their cover of ‘Heaven’ by Emeli Sandé, flourishing their trademark enchanting and eerie sound and further demonstrating their dynamic ability to transform the complexion of any song with their use of rhythmic guitars combined with an impassioned violin. This signature style is conveyed in their own music, and from the vast extent offered my highlight from the bunch was single ‘Escape from Reality’ which overwhelmed the venue in captivation, making a real statement concerning their musical prowess. If you’re hunting for something different, Logical Drama has got to be on your list and with a gig coming up on the 19th of December at the Sugarmill; there are no excuses!

Readily awaited headliners The Get Alongs sprightly stormed into their set with ‘Around my Town’ fuelling the crowds already rife vigor with its robust punk elements, harmonized with shades of indie-rock; a sound that enhances and intensifies their pulsating performance and emphasizes their stage persona’s, forming an surreal bond between the audience and artist that further impacts the dominance of their music with pure conviction. Soon into the set was ‘Hooligan Blues’ made up of a blend of sounds reminiscent of the likes of The Libertines or Sex Pistols. ‘Hooligan Blues’ brings the distinctive vocals a degree of vibrancy and the overall song an injection of melody led by a combination of rhythmic guitar riffs and exhilarating drum loops, forcing your attention to their animated on stage display, provoking positive reaction unanimously within their local fan base. The Get Alongs appear throughout Stoke regularly so keep an eye out on their Facebook page for updates on their whereabouts for when you can see them next!




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